B/R Turns Into the WWE: Words Come To Life

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IMay 10, 2009

Welcome to the series B/R Turns Into The WWE. I would like to inform you that in the titles there won't anything about the chapters as this series will eventually have too many and we'll lose track.


Monday Night Raw

(Jeff) Welcome to Monday Night Raw, everyone!

(C. #2) We have a great show for you tonight in the great city of Cleveland.

(Jeff) But before we can give you anymore details on that we're going to hear from the new World Heavyweight Champion, Shane Howard, who is already in the ring.

(Shane) Finally! My dream has become a reality. I'm the World Heavyweight Champion. This, this thing I carry on my shoulder proves that I'm better than anyone else here and more importantly better than all of you regulars.

(Joe comes out)

(Joe) So what your saying is just because you got lucky you can say your better than me!

(Shane) I can say I'm better than everyone.

(Joe) Let's get one thing straight. You might be better than those wanna-be wrestlers back there in the locker room, but when you match up against me, your no better than them. Now I do have a rematch clause. I'm not going to use it tonight, but I promise you when I do, I will take back what's rightfully mine.

(Shane) I'm sorry; you must be mistaking me for JLB. And let's get one thing straight, there is absolutely no way you're taking this from me!

(JLB comes out) So Shane you think your better than me, well how about this: You vs. Me one-on-one tonight and we'll see how much better you just are.

(Joe) Now Jason Le blah blah blah, why are you here? If you haven't noticed this ring is for people who can actually wrestle, so why don't you go back to the locker room with all those other losers of yours.

(Ryan Michael comes out and grabs himself a mic) Guys, take it easy. The only one who really should have a say here is me, because you are looking at the man who's taking over Raw this Sunday!

(Shane) I'm sorry Ryan, but this isn't fantasy land. This is the real world where people like me, and not you, are champions.

(GM of Raw comes out) I see we have our main event for tonight! The New World Heavyweight Champion, Shane Howard will be tagging up with the former World Champion, Joe Burgett to face Ryan Michael & Jason Le Blanc.

(Jeff) Wow! Does it get any better than that?

(C. #2) I don't think it does. Raw will return after these messages.


(Jeff) Welcome back to Monday Night Raw! We're joined ringside by our Intercontinental champion, Greg Bush.

(C. #2) Welcome to the announcing table.

(Greg) Thanks, guys!

(Jeff) I assume you're out here to watch who's going to be your new No. 1 contender.

(Greg) Indeed I am.

(C.#2) So who are you pulling for, Chris, Adam, or Giorgi?

(Greg) Well I was talking to Giorgi today and he seems like a really nice guy and an admirable competitor, so maybe him. On the other hand, I was attacked by Chris last week and would love to have revenge on him, so either one of them would be great.

(C. #2) What about Testa?

(Greg) I have nothing against him, but he just doesn't seem like the guy I wanna fight.

(C. #2) Well let's head to the ring where the match begins.

Bell sounds; match begins. Chris goes after Testa right away. He clotheslines him then starts pounding right away. Giorgi just standing there thinking what to do.

Chris gets up and Giorgi cheap shots him Now Giorgi start pounding away on Chris just like he was pounding away on Testa. Testa now starting to get up. Chris pushes Giorgi off and right into Testa who turns that into a sleeper. 

Chris gets up and he and Testa work together on eliminating Giorgi from the match. Testa is holding Giorgi in a sleeper while Chris gives him kicks to the mid section.

(C. #2) What do you think about the temporary alliance of Testa and Chris?

(Greg) I think it's smart, but eventually that alliance will end, as there can only be one winner.

Giorgi falls down on the mat and now Testa and Chris just stare at each other. Now they look over here at Greg. Perhaps checking out his title.

Now they lock up. Chris lifts Testa up and body slams him down. Now gets on top of him for a half Boston Crab. Testa looks in pain. Giorgi slowly coming to. Will Giorgi get up in time to save the match up not just for Testa, but for himself?

Giorgi to his feet now Chris breaks the hold to go after Giorgi, but Giorgi is the one who wins that situation as he takes Chris and slams him. Covers, 1, 2, Chris kicks out. Giorgi gets up and turns around only to get a DDT from Testa, 1, 2, Chris just able to break it apart.

Chris now getting to his feet. He takes Testa and throws him out of the ring. Now waits for Giorgi to get up. With Giorgi up boom, Chris hits the spear. Covers, 1, 2, 3. It's over.

(Announcer) Your winner and new No. 1 contender, Chris Browne!

(Greg) Excuse me, boys, I need to go introduce myself to the new No. 1 contender.

(Greg enters the ring with a mic) I'm sorry we weren't properly introduced, I'm Greg the ITC champion.

(Chris gets a mic) I'm Chris Browne, the soon to be ITC champion.

(Greg) Well to get to this (points at title) you'll have to go through me!

(Chris) With pleasure!

Chris spears Greg and leaves taking the ITC title.

(Jeff) Well I think Chris has made his intentions clear.

(C. #2) Agreed!


(Jeff) Welcome back to Monday Night Raw. We have some great news regarding Judgment Day.

(C. #2) Yes indeed. At Judgment Day, Sulayman will be returning and is issuing a challenge to the locker room.

(Jeff) That's right, he wants a man who is brave enough to face him in a Last Man Standing Match.

(Jeff) That should be a good one.

(C. #2) But right now we are joined by our Unified Tag Team champions.

(Ste and Jason are in the ring)

(Ste) What's up, Cleveland?

(Jason) You are in for a great spectacle here.

(Ste) Now yesterday, Jason and I, we're debating who's better Kobe or LeBron.

(Jason) We also took a look at the WWE's schedule. And we noticed that this week we're in Cleveland. And next week we're in LA.

(Ste) So we sent an invitation to my man LeBron to show up tonight and for Kobe to show up next week.

(Jason) Each of them will come out and tell us 3 reasons why they're better than the other.

(Ste) So, LeBron, come on out.

(LeBron James makes his way to the ring)

(Ste) What's up, my man?

(LeBron) Not much; just thrilled by how our team is doing in the playoffs.

(Ste) Anyway, man, give me three reasons you're better than Kobe Bryant.

(Jason) If you can.

(Ste) Okay thank you Jason; anyway, LeBron continue.

(LJ) Well I am a way better dunker than Kobe, so I guess that's one. I'm way better defensively, that's two. And even though I pass the ball almost all the time, I still put up more points than him. Oh yeah, and I also beat him out for MVP.

(Jason) Oh please you call those reasons.

(Ste) Jason shut up. You'll have your chance next week when you talk to Kobe to find out why he thinks he's better, even though he isn't.

(Jason) No one tells me to shut up.

(Gives him a kick to the mid-section and throws him out of the ring)

(Jeff) Is this the end of this tag team?

(C. #2) If it is, which tag team will step up and take the titles?

(Jeff) If only we knew.


(Ryan and JLB)

(Ryan) Hey JLB. I was just here to make sure that we're on the same page.

(JLB) If that page says destroy Burgett and Howard, then we are on the same page.

(Ryan) I look forward to tagging with you.

(Ryan and JLB have a handshake to close the deal)


(Announcer) This divas contest is set for one fall and is for the Women's Championship. Introducing first is the challenger and former Divas champion, Jen Preston. And her opponent, the current Women's Champion, Mina.

(Jeff) Well Jen is using her rematch clause tonight and will be looking to take back the gold that used to be hers.

Bell sounds; match begins. Mina delivers a low dropkick right away and goes for the pin, 1, not even close. Mina brings Jen to her feet and lifts her and places her on the turnbuckle. Mina now climbs up there herself. Starts pounding away.

Now gets down and she's going under the ring for something. She pulls out a table and sets it up right in front of the turnbuckle where Jen resides.

Mina now getting back into the ring and climbs back up, but Jen was ready as she jumps off and covers, 1, 2, Mina kicks out. Jen now making sure Mina isn't getting up she goes to the top rope looking for her finisher the 450 splash.

But she misses as Mina rolls away. Mina looks like she has an evil just waiting to break out. She goes outside the ring and gets herself a chair. Brings it into the ring only to have it taken away by the referee.

Mina doesn't like this at all, referee explaining to her that she'll get DQ'ed, and out of nowhere Mina slaps him, takes the chair and waits for Jen to get up. Jen up and Mina connects the chair right to her skull. Referee did not see it as he is still weak from the slap. Mina covers, ref. counts it, 1, 2, 3. It's over.

(Announcer) Here is your winner and still Women's Champion, Mina.

(Jeff) Even though she slapped the referee, he still had to do his job and count.

(C. #2) This is a side of Mina that we've never seen before!

(Jeff) This is very interesting. Maybe she wanted to get herself DQ'ed on purpose to retain the title.

(C. #2) Or maybe she just wanted to hurt Jen.

(Jeff) Either way, she retains, and I think that's all that matters.


(C. #2) Hello again ladies and gentleman. We are joined in the ring by Ray Bogusz. I think he's got something to say.

(Ray) Okay I'm going to make this quick. Conor, there is a word we use for you in my world, and that is "idiot." Do you honestly think you can become big by helping Burgett? If you wanna be big you gotta beat the best, and I'm right here, so I'm waiting.

(Conor makes his way to the ring, but he doesn't get in instead just gets a mic and speaks from a safe area outside the ring)

(Conor) You, the best? Last time I checked you still haven't won on Raw. And don't the best people usually hold titles? I'm looking at you and I don't see one around your waist, in your hands, or on your shoulder.

(Ray) This is why I hate rookies. They think to be the best, you gotta hold a title. Step into the ring and I'll show you just how good I am. In fact let's get a referee out here and make it an official match.

(Conor) If I was going to face anyone tonight, I would face the top guy known as Shane and not some World Champ wanna be.

(Ray) You actually think your good enough to compete in a main event. Didn't you lose to Shane in like less than a minute? Or is it just me?

(Conor) You know what I will face you, but not tonight. I want you at Judgment Day.

(Ray) Just know this, at Judgment Day I'm gonna rip you in half!

(Conor starts walking away when he gets a kick to the mid-section by Shane Howard and then he lifts him up and hits his finisher, The Packaged Piledriver)

(Jeff) Well I guess that's what Conor gets for almost costing Shane the title.

(C. #2) True, and at Judgement Day, Conor will get Ray.

(Jeff) But right now, let's get you set for our main event.

(C. #2) It's a good one.

(Jeff) JLB & Ryan Michael vs. Shane Howard & Joe Burgett is up next!


(Jeff) This is Raw from Cleveland and we've had a terrific show tonight.

(C. #2) Yup, Raw has had it all.

(Jeff) We've had LeBron James break up the tag champs. We've had Mina getting extremely violent on Jen. We've added two new matches to the Judgment Day car. And we will be having a Intercontinental championship match next week.

(C. #2) And it only gets better as we have our amazing main event right here, right now!

(Joe Burgett enters with a not-so-thrilled look on his face)

(Shane Howard enters as his eyes meet with Burgett, both men give angry stares to the other)

(JLB makes his way down high-fiving the fans and exchanging looks with Shane and Joe)

(Finally Ryan enters with his eyes on one thing and one thing only and that's the World Title)

Bell sounds match begins. There seems to be some disagreement between Joe and Shane on who is starting. Well it looks like Ryan decided for them as he throws Burgett out of the ring an meets eyes with Shane. Ryan looking at Shane.

Then he looks over at the title and starts punching away at Shane. Ryan backs Shane up into the corner. Ryan starts giving him some big chops on the chest. 

Now he catapults him into the other corner. He runs right at him looking to deliver a big kick, but Shane gets out of the way resulting in Ryan hitting his leg badly. Shane tags in Joe. Joe quickly gets to Ryan pulls him into the ring and starts stomping at the leg. Joe covers, 1, Ryan rolls the shoulder.

Joe now pulls Ryan to the center of the ring where he locks in the Figure 4 Leg Lock. Joe really working on the leg of Ryan. Ryan trying to roll Joe on his stomach so the pain will shift to him and he does so Joe breaks it.

Ryan now dragging himself on the floor to make a tag to JLB, but Joe kicks him to the back of the head. Joe also cheap shots JLB. He grabs Ryan's leg and attempts to drag him to his corner, but Ryan pushes him away (using his leg).

Ryan starts dragging himself again. Joe tags in Shane and Ryan just barely tags Jason. Jason clotheslining Shane right away. Shane gets up quickly only to get spinebustered by JLB. Jason going to the top rope.

Looking for his finisher, he jumps, but Shane getting out of the way so JLB misses. Looks like that miss resulted in a nose-bleed for Mr. Le Blanc. Shane bringing Jason to his feet, drags him to his corner and tags Joe Burgett. With Jason in the corner Joe begins to give him some shoulder thrusts.

The blood from Jason dripping on the back of Joe. Joe now bringing Jason to the center of the ring looking for his finisher the Saving Grace. Joe lifts him, but somehow Jason breaks free in mid-air and turns it into a weird looking slam. Jason desperately starts crawling trying to tag in Ryan Michael.

Joe gets to his feet and makes a running tag to Shane. Jason manages to tag in Ryan. Shane running right at Ryan, but he delivers a big Calf Kick to Shane. Ryan now waiting for Shane to get up and as he does Ryan delivers a big hurricanna to Shane. Ryan goes right to the top rope as he delivers a big moonsault.

Covers, 1, 2, Joe breaks it up. Joe slowly heads back to his corner when Ryan bulldogs him. Ryan turns around where Shane was ready ready to give him a DDT, but instead Ryan changes it into his finisher the Hell Raiser. Ryan jumping right to the cover, 1, 2, 3. The match is over.

(Announcer) Here are your winners Ryan Michael and Jason Le Blanc!

(Jeff) Finally, the good guys prevail!

(C. #2) Joe getting back to his feet doesn't seem to happy with Shane.

Joe starts insulting Shane and then gives him a big shove. 

Shane gets pissed and shoves Joe back.

Joe hits the Saving Grace on Shane Howard.

An unknown man gets in the ring.

Joe turns around only to be a part of a Pump Handle Slammed by the man.

(Unknown man) My name is Shreyash Dugar! 

Dugar stands there as if he were victorious.

(Jeff) You think Shreyash has something against Burgett?

(C. #2) I'm not too sure.

(Jeff) Well this was Monday Night Raw, everyone. Don't forget about Judgment Day this Sunday. And remember we'll be back here next week.  


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