Skateboarder Doing a Backflip Between Skateboards Is as Awesome as It Sounds

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 29, 2013

Well, that is one way to switch between skateboards. 

Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead spotted evidence that every special move from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series may soon become a reality—at least, those that contain aerial acrobatics. 

The kid leaping from one board to the other via backflip is Egill Gunnar, and there is very little information on him around the Internets. 

However, The Big Lead did its best to hammer down an age for the skateboarding ace from Iceland: 

He looks young. His Google+ profile says he worked at Adidas, but also says he attended Grunnskóla. That means primary school. So he’s a young skateboarder/snowboarder/parkour-er from Iceland.

If any of you out there have any information or know more about the young man, by all means, use the comments section at your leisure. Although, something tells me Gunnar's anonymity will be shattered in due time, because laying down a sick trick like this tends to get you noticed around the Internets. 

The great thing about this particular video is that it illustrates the frustration and rather scary moments when a skateboarder attempts such an audacious trick. From the 28-second mark on, we get one failure after another, all delivered with the feeling that you are about to see Gunnar smack his head on the pavement.

Fortunately, all we get is confirmation that this kid is one bad dude, and the skateboard game has risen to quite the enjoyable levels.

I can safely say I have never been more entertained watching anyone switch between skateboards. 


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