Chris Sabin as the World Heavyweight Champion: A Fan's Ramble

Tony Dolemite@tonydolemiteCorrespondent IIIJuly 29, 2013

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Image courtesy of Google

Chris Sabin’s victory over Bully Ray for the World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X was totally unexpected.

Although I have the utmost respect for Sabin, given TNA’s history, I expected him to have a great match with Ray but still come up short in his quest to become champion. After all, Bully Ray has actually breathed life back into the world title scene. It wouldn't have hurt the company if he had held onto the title a bit longer. I’ll certainly give credit where credit is due, to TNA for pulling the trigger on a Sabin title run.

Keeping this in mind, I can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of better things to come or are we in for a trip down Past Mistakes Avenue, off the corner of Dumb Ass Lane. TNA has a history. Let’s leave it at that. Any takers on how long Sabin will be champion? I say at least two to three months. Who knows, maybe his next title match might be his last as champion. Again, TNA has a history.

When Austin Aries defeated Bobby Roode to become World Heavyweight Champion at last year's Destination X, wrestling fans rejoiced. Finally, a break from having former WWE stars as world champion. That’s what it looked like anyway. Three months later Aries lost the title to Jeff Hardy.

Yes, I know that I’m being pessimistic, especially in the minds of hardcore TNA fans. Maybe Sabin’s title reign will be more significant than I give TNA credit for. Sabin is a young and gifted performer who a wrestling promotion should build their future around. Ideally, whether he is champion or not, Sabin should be a main event player that the company can count on. Hopefully TNA gets that.

Of course, you have to give to get. In order for Sabin to be utilized to his fullest potential as champion, the atmosphere has to be created in order for him to succeed. That means quality opponents that can push him to the limit and beyond. It means a lengthy title reign, one that lasts longer than three or four months. Multiple title runs spread out over a period of time. Sabin also needs to engage in a rivalry that will keep fans emotionally invested. Toss in a compelling storyline and maybe you've got a winner.

This isn't me being a know it all. I’m not the first wrestling fan to come up with an idea or two about how TNA should operate nor will I be the last. It’s just frustrating that with all of the talent they have on their roster that we never get to see any real growth. There are more steps backward than forward which is heartbreaking, especially when the potential is there.

Any thoughts? All rants are welcomed!