Paul Pierce Teaches Fans How to Talk 'Boston' After Celtics Career

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If you thought Paul Pierce joined up with the Brooklyn Nets because he wanted to chase a title in his twilight years, sorry to burst your bubble.

He did it for the "peetsir."

And though many Boston Celtics fans are finding it wicked hard to get over the heartbreak of Pierce leaving town, it's nice to see the 15-year vet will at least be taking a little slice of his former city with him.

In a new spot for Dish's ubiquitous Boston-accent themed "Hopper" (pronounced "Hoppa") commercials, Pierce does his best to give the television-viewing public more over-the-top Massachusetts inflections than they've heard since Good Will Hunting.

Pierce, as beloved a Boston sports figure as there is, struggles at points to contain his native California accent. And in others, he lapses into some kind of weird British lilt. But overall, he does a solid job of providing a primer on the finer points of one of the trickier American accents.

Versatility has always been a staple of Pierce's game. He was a terrific "shootah," "skorra" and "defendah" for the Celtics. Now, we know he's also a student of regional dialects. That's some range, folks.

So, when the 2013-14 season rolls around and the Boston faithful struggle to come to grips with the fact that their team will be missing the cornerstone that held it together for so long, at least they'll have this commercial.

It's a little hokey, and it might be more bittersweet than anything else.

But it's proof Pierce will be a Celtic "forevah."

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