Debate: Should LA Sign Lamar Odom?

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Debate: Should LA Sign Lamar Odom?
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Should the Lakers bring back Lamar Odom?


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Yes Lamar should be able to come back to Lakers He's a very good ballhandler When he's motivated he can produce defened score just about anything Lake...
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Sign Lamar. He can still get you 10/10/5 off the bench. He played his best ball for the Lakers and it broke his heart when he was traded. Dude still h...
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Lob angeles...where you dont beg for players...and fail to win a championship. #thisisourtown #lakers #lakernation
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@emmanuel you sure do sound like a idiot. How many rings do the clippers have? When they get at least 1 then talk
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They most def should bring him back if he is willing to sign for veterans min. A return to the Lakers could very well revive Odom
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Odón is purple & gold ,the blood that Run's through his body , bring him home , put the army back together ,go lakers..
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