Losing Big Leads No Big Deal For Suns

Will LorcaCorrespondent INovember 26, 2006

IconI know, I know.  Watching the Phoenix Suns lose big lead after big lead is frustrating.  Friday night, after scoring an amazing 39 points in the first quarter, and going into the fourth quarter with a commanding 19 point lead, the Suns managed to let the Nets' inexperienced bench, lead by rookie Marcus Williams, back into the game.


However frustrating this might be for Suns fans, it really isn't a big deal.  This is how the Suns play.  And it’s a matter of statistics.  Phoenix shot over 80 percent in the first quarter Friday, and made up for this by shooting around 30 percent in the second quarter.   The Suns have won four out of the last five games, and have only lost to top teams this season, including two games against a surprising Utah squad that has the best record in the NBA.

After starting 1-4, the Suns look to be back to championship form as they head into Portland Sunday with their first chance to get over the .500 mark.  Expect Phoenix to continue to build early leads while coach Mike D'Antoni finds ways to combat huge second half slumps.  Look for increased minutes for an improving Amare Stoudemire, and for newbie Jalen Rose.  Other than that, expect the Suns to lose more big leads.  But also expect the Suns to climb back to the top of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference before the All-Star break.