Manchester United Transfer News: Analysing Moyes' Latest Cesc Fabregas Comments

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistJuly 29, 2013

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 20:  Manchester United manager, David Moyes walks off the field at full time following the match between the A-League All-Stars and Manchester United at ANZ Stadium on July 20, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)
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When you are a new manager for a major club, everything you do is examined a little more closely. That is exactly what will continue to happen with David Moyes in his first year with Manchester United.

The former Everton manager took over a squad that recently won the English Premier League by 11 points and appeared set to repeat. Unfortunately, there is a lot more doubt entering the season.

Not only have Manchester United struggled in their preseason tour, but the inability to bring in top talent in the transfer window has been a concerning sign for the future. They failed to bring in young players Thiago Alcantara and Kevin Strootman, and more established stars are unlikely to change squads.

The club has yet to bring in an impact player, although it has been linked to Gareth Bale (via Oliver Holt of Mirror Football), Cristiano Ronaldo (via Charles Perrin of the Daily Express) and Cesc Fabregas (via BBC Sport).

However, Moyes' latest comments make it seem unlikely that anyone of note will be brought in this summer. According to The Sun, the manager was not hopeful when asked about the next move for Fabregas:

I couldn’t tell you if there will be another bid. Obviously we will take stock of it and consider what we are going to do next.

I never at any time said I knew we would get him. I just said we had made offers. They have been rejected. We will take stock from there and decide where we go from there.

He then justified the inactivity by discussing his current squad:

What we have here is a really good squad of players already. You mustn’t forget about the quality that is already here at Manchester United.

Undoubtedly we are hoping to add to the squad. I am quite confident we will do, certainly before the window shuts.

While any manager would be smart to praise the players currently playing for him, this comes across as desperate to save his image. 

Throughout the summer, Moyes has discussed the ability to bring in the top players in the world. Earlier in the summer, his superiors told him, "There's no budget here, you go get who you want to get, just go and do it," according to Sky Sports

According to ESPN, when executive Ed Woodward was specifically asked if he would be willing to shell out over £70 million for a player, he responded, "Absolutely." 

Unfortunately, the ability to get an elite player has not helped accomplish that feat to this point. In his latest comments, it appears as though Fabregas is yet another player that should be ruled out by United fans.

This has forced him to turn the attention to the current roster, which is the one that is coming off a fantastic year. However, even that could be falling apart thanks to the turmoil surrounding Wayne Rooney.

According to Yahoo! Eurosport, oddsmakers believe it is more likely the veteran goes to Chelsea than remain at Old Trafford.

Losing one of the top players in England would certainly cause a drop-off with the club, especially if he is not replaced. Additionally, the group has struggled mightily in the preseason with two losses and a draw in five matches.

Obviously, Manchester United remain top contenders in the EPL heading into the year. However, there is little reason for Moyes to be as confident as he lets on about the current roster. The fact remains that he has worked hard to find ways to improve it and yet he has failed in this regard.

There is still a month remaining in the transfer window, and the new manager might be able to bring in an elite player who can transform the roster. However, his latest comments must be concerning for United and all of their supporters.

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