Manny Pacquiao Hints at One Day Running for President in Philippines

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IJuly 29, 2013

Manny Pacquiao was a champion of the boxing world for a long time, and he may eventually look to become a "champion" of the political world as well. 

In an interview with the AFP on Saturday, via Fox News, "Pacman" hinted at his interest of one day running for president in the Philippines:

Giving his strongest hint yet that he will push to the top of the political tree when he finally retires from the ring, the "Pacman" -- a hero and congressman in his home country -- admitted he had considered the presidency of the 95 million-strong nation.

When pressed on whether he had thought about shooting for the top job, the softly-spoken 34-year-old replied "Yes".

Drawing parallels between his pugilism and politics careers, the former world champion in eight weight divisions said: "When I started boxing, of course I was planning, you know and thinking about getting to become a champion. So when I enter politics it's the same thing.

"But, you know, it's far away," he said, adding: "It's God's will."

This isn't exactly all that surprising. 

Politics have always been a very major part of Pacquiao's adult life. He was elected into the Philippine House of Representatives in a landslide victory in 2010, and according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Congressman has filed five bills. 

Moreover, as a legendary sports figure across the world, he would undoubtedly garner much support if he were to run for his country's highest office.

For now, he still has a boxing career that is not yet finished. 

The former eight-division champion is 54-5-2, and although he has lost two fights in a row (one highly questionable decision, one unforgettable knockout that had many questioning his declining health and skill) and is no longer regarded as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, at 34, he is not yet ready for retirement. 

He is set to face Brandon Rios (31-1-1) in November, but whatever happens in that one in Macau, it's obvious that his boxing career is beginning to wind down. 

And when Manny Pacquiao does eventually decide to hang up his gloves, he can only hope to duplicate his boxing success in the political world.