Kane, Daniel Bryan and the 5 Questions to Be Answered on Raw

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 29, 2013


Now that Mr. McMahon (I use the term because we are seeing the evil genius within) and “his” general manager Brad Maddox have scheduled a match with Daniel Bryan and Kane for Monday night, all kinds of thoughts are dancing in my head.

I wonder what happens to Kane once he loses to Bryan? If the WWE Universe thinks Bryanwho is riding a wave of momentum as huge as the Sears Towerwill lose this match, I have some property to sell you in the San Francisco Bay.

Bryan should beat Kane on Raw, which appears to be loaded Monday night with huge matches all around, and then turn his attention to watching Mr. Cena and Ryback beat the hell out of each other.

I wonder if Bryan comes out to save Cena should he need some assistance? This is not a “Ryback” scenario with Bryan complaining about Cena’s lack of support.

I’m sorry, let me refocus here. What about Kane?

After a great run with Bryan as Team Hell No, Kane is left in the weeds and his sights have now focused toward The Wyatts, leading me to believe Kane will turn heel in the not-too-distant future. It also means we may see an unmasked Kane with a beard as he will soon join his brethren in the sanctuary of the ring. The Wyatts will make Kane their first conquest of sorts.

While Raw seems to have its act together, here are some other questions that need to be answered as Raw moves forward Monday night.


Does Bryan help Cena lose?

He has “helped” Kane in the past and cost him matches, leading to the ultimate divorce of Team Hell No. Does Bryan “accidentally” cause Cena to lose to Ryback on Monday night?

The loss for Cena is not as huge as it would be if Bryan lost leading to SummerSlam.


Booker T or Teddy Long?

Which one of the two will turn heel?

My money is on Teddy Long, but I am not sure who he would bring along with him to make a statement. Could it be somehow involving Mark Henry and an eventual turn on Booker T? I could see that as a match down the road.

There is a part of me that also thinks Teddy Long somehow gets involved with the Prime Time Players.


How long for Kaitlyn/AJ Lee to play out?

Will Kaitlyn challenge AJ Lee for the Divas title again? Does Dolph Ziggler ask Kaitlyn to come to the ring with him against Big E? Is there something there between AJ And Big E? Does Dolph have feelings for Kaitlyn?

These are the "days of our lives."


Could we see Big Show?

Maybe. A knee injury that was still bothering him kept him out of the action or off the program last week. Does he make an appearance again on the little screen? Who knows. And more importantly, do we really care?


Is Curtis Axel being squashed by Paul Heyman?

See what happens when you leave the biggest question until the end? It would seem Axel’s momentum has been quashed a bit by the feud between CM Punk, Heyman and Brock Lesnar. If Axel is such a “Heyman Guy,” then he should be on the front burner while Lesnar is a part-time player.

But the WWE needs to sell ticketsand, well, Lesnar and Punk sell tickets.