5 Jerseys Every Edmonton Oilers Fan Wish They Owned

Adam Bowen@truknorrisContributor IIIJuly 28, 2013

5 Jerseys Every Edmonton Oilers Fan Wish They Owned

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    With the exception of a lackluster third uniform design from talented comic book artist Todd MacFarlane, the Edmonton Oilers have essentially had the same uniform design since the team entered into the NHL in 1979.

    While the color scheme and logo have seen minor changes over the years, for the most part, the Oilers have maintained a similar style since their inception.

    A list such as this may be subjective, but there are a few jerseys that the Oilers have donned that every true Oilers fan would love to have in their collection.

    Here is a list of the five jerseys that every Edmonton Oilers fan wishes they owned.

(Dis)Honorable Mention: “The Sprocket” Third Jersey Design

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    When it was announced that the creator of “Spawn”, Todd MacFarlane, was going to design the Edmonton Oilers third jersey many Oilers fans were salivating to see what the talented Albertan artist would come up with.

    Unfortunately for those fans, the final product left more than a little to be desired.

    “The Sprocket” jersey saw not only a completely new logo for the team, but a new color scheme—abandoning the classic blue and orange for deep blue, white and silver.

    Every Oilers fan wishes they owned one of these horrendous jerseys strictly as a reminder that new isn’t always better. The jersey was so ugly that it is almost a must own for any hockey fans who appreciate terrible uniforms.

5: “The Rigger” Shoulder Patch

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    In 1996, the Oilers made several changes to their uniforms, none larger than the introduction of the copper and blue color way with the “rigger” shoulder patch. The Oilers logo was also reduced in size, but the new color way really made this uniform stand out.

    Updating the colors from blue and orange to a midnight blue and copper was a nice way to revitalize the jersey and modernize the colors. The addition of a new logo was also a first for the team at the time.

    This was also the era when the Oilers had such talented stars as Doug Weight, Bill Guerin and a young Ryan Smyth, and though the team could never get past the Dallas Stars in the opening round, it was still a good time to be wearing the copper and blue.

4: Any Old Oilers Campbell Conference Jersey

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    Whether it be Mark Messier, Jari Kurri or the “Great One” himself, the addition of a classic Campbell Conference jersey to the collection is something that every Oilers fan wish they had.

    These orange and black jerseys were truly something to behold, and the fact that the Oilers often had multiple players in the All-Star game made decisions that much harder for Oilers fans.

    Considering how bland the blue and red All-Star jerseys are today and the fact that the Oilers have rarely had any “All-Stars” to celebrate makes the Campbell Conference jerseys that much more special for Edmonton Fans.

3: The 2006 Stanley Cup Run Jersey

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    In 2006, the Edmonton Oilers stunned the entire NHL when they came within one game of capturing the Stanley Cup with an eighth placed team.

    Considering the was the most significant playoff run for the Oilers in over a decade, every Oilers fan wishes they had one of these uniforms in their collection as a reminder of how close the team came and celebration of the accomplishment that season.

    It’s safe to assume that a bulk of these jerseys were Chris Pronger jerseys and that they rarely see the light of day on any Oilers fan these days, but the jersey is a wish list item none the less.

2: An Edmonton Oilers WHA Jersey

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    Throwback uniforms are always a massive hit with jersey collectors, and the WHA Oilers jersey is the one jersey that most Oilers fans would love to have in their collection. Both as a reminder of the past, as well as a rare item that would definitely spark conversation.

    This jersey represents the beginning of the franchise, with the introduction of the classic Oilers logo and featured players numbers residing on the shoulders of the jersey instead of the upper arm area. This jersey also introduced the classic blue and orange colors that would eventually make a return in 2008.

    It would be a daunting task trying to get a legitimate WHA jersey nowadays; it would be a prized addition to any Oilers fan's closet.

1: A Vintage Wayne Gretzky Jersey

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    It’s one thing to get a new Oilers jersey with Gretzky’s name embroidered on it, but to have an old CCM Gretzky uniform or even a vintage Edmonton Oilers classic is something completely different.

    Not only was Gretzky one, if not, the best player in the history of the NHL, he was the man responsible for putting Edmonton on the map as well as establishing credibility for the Oilers franchise.

    There is no doubt that many Oilers fans have a Gretzky jersey, but there is something to be said for having a classic throwback.