Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Luis Suarez Shouldn't Be Focused on Champions League

Justin Onslow@@JustinOnslowNFLContributor IIJuly 29, 2013

BANGKOK, THAILAND - JULY 27: Luis Suarez of Liverpool FC laughs during a Liverpool FC training session at Rajamangala Stadium on July 27, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.  (Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images)
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Luis Suarez has cited several reasons for potentially leaving Liverpool for greener pastures. At some point, he needs to make a decision and focus on playing football.

The 26-year-old’s unrest at Anfield started well before the summer, first with a 10-game suspension that made him a target for ridicule from supporters.

The situation began to boil over when Suarez made comments about his treatment from the English media and his discontentment with living in England. At the time, it seemed he just wanted out of the Premier League for a chance to play with the likes of Real Madrid in La Liga.

But Suarez has also made it known that he wants to play for a Champions League club, and as quoted by Dean Jones and Tom Hopkinson of the Daily Mirror, Uruguay striker and international teammate Edinson Cavani believes Suarez’s main focus is playing Champions League football:

We have been speaking a lot and, while I can’t tell you everything, I can tell you that he is desperate to start playing Champions League football. Liverpool already know that, though, because he has told them. I think if he thought Liverpool would qualify for Champions League football next season he would stay but, with the other top teams in England adding players, he doesn’t think Liverpool have the resources to break into the Champions League spots.

That desire to play for a winning club made Arsenal’s interest in acquiring him even more intriguing. The Gunners made a bid of £40,000,001 for Suarez in order to trigger a contract clause that would require Liverpool to inform him of their contract offer, effectively setting in motion a full-on attempt to buy the Uruguayan star.

Liverpool shot down the offer, but according to Steve Stammers of the Daily Mirror, Arsenal are preparing a third offer believed to be £42.5 million.

Lost in the shuffle is the bottom line of Suarez’s discontent.

Liverpool finished the last EPL term just out of the top four and a Champions League berth. While Suarez played well in headlining the squad, he could have done a little more—namely, avoiding on-field incidents and a 10-game suspension.

Suarez has his eyes set on Champions League football, but he doesn't seem to realize he could have been a bigger factor in getting the Reds into the Champions League. Instead of looking for the exit door and a club with more talent, Suarez should be focusing on getting better and being part of Liverpool’s success going forward.

Contrary to how it may seem, players don’t hold all the cards in transfer discussions. Suarez has held Liverpool hostage for far too long, and the Reds have done well to quell the situation in the best way possible, rejecting bids from suitors hoping to cash in on Suarez’s selfish demands.

Suarez should be focusing on making his club better and playing out the remaining years of his contract. Playing Champions League football is important, but is it more important than helping Liverpool reach that level?

When the dust settles, Suarez will either find his way out of or remain with Liverpool. But regardless of where he goes, this much is clear: He isn’t a player who cares about making his club better.


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