World Games 2013 Cali: Highlighting Sunday's Top Events in Colombia

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistJuly 28, 2013

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA - JULY 05:  Vladlen Kravchenko and partner Aigerim Toktarova of Kazakhstan compete in the Dancesport- Standard Five Dances Viennese Waltz Final at Samsan World Gymnasium during day seven of the 4th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games on July 5, 2013 in Incheon, South Korea.  (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The 2013 World Games are underway, offering an alternative array of sports for fans to get behind. This year's event is taking place in Cali, Colombia and has already seen Artistic Roller Skating, Finswimming and Life Saving events unfold amongst many others.

As ever, the games offer something for everyone. If you missed Saturday's Tug of War, Roller Inline Hockey or Sumo encounters, the Sunday lineup may satisfy your needs. Never experienced the lure of Flying Disc? Read on.



Although it sounds like the kind of concoction from a madman who couldn't decide which career to follow, DanceSport is one of the World Games' most physically taxing events. Combining the artistry of dance with the physicality of sport, this is an aerobic workout taken to the extreme.

Standard and Salsa divisions with be contested in Colombia. Rhythm, technique and control come under the spotlight as the judges look for imaginative performances to separate winners from the chasing pack. This is a suave, disciplined contest that forces each couple to synchronise their moves into a masterful display of athleticism and conditioning.

Check out this dramatic slo-motion video for a better idea.

Field Archery

If you've ever engaged with The Hunger Games, you'll know what Field Archery competitors go through. This is not your typical precision sport. Instead of athletes simply picking up their bow and firing towards a designated mark, each contestant is forced into hitting various targets on a course of physical exertion.

Okay, so this is more akin to golf than escaping the clutches of a dystopian future.

Even so, Sunday's compound bow participants in the Men's, Women's and Mixed contests must be ready for anything. Targets will be different sizes, hanging at various heights and set at ever-changing distances. No two courses are ever the same, ensuring every archer must react quickly and accurately to the challenge ahead.

May the odds be ever in their favour.

Flying Disc

There's no grand way of hiding this one: Flying Disc is the natural evolution of playing with your toy Frisbee. The Ultimate Mixed variation takes place on Sunday, combining the best elements of American football, basketball, hockey and soccer into a ridiculous package that will appeal to any sports fanatic.

Ultimate forces players to utilise their passing skills with great intensity, for this is how goals are scored. The team without possession must hastily set up and deploy defensive strategies to stop the opposition from throwing and catching, thus racking up a huge score.

This is the world's only self-officiated sport as fair play and camaraderie are promoted. At the end of each match, both team's rank each other's sporting spirit in a refreshingly disciplined competition.

Even amongst all of the love, Australia's team are preparing rather seriously, as this brilliant video highlights.

The World Games will continue through until August 4, with events such as Boules, Korfball, Fistball and Wushu to come.

You can check out the day-by-day schedule on the official website.