Each MLB Team's Player Most at Risk of Being Traded at the Deadline

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Each MLB Team's Player Most at Risk of Being Traded at the Deadline
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When we think of risk in baseball, injuries are the first—and usually only—thing that pops into our heads.

But landing on the disabled list isn't the only risk involved in baseball, especially as the trade deadline casts a large shadow over the game. There's always the risk that a player will find himself in a different uniform and in unfamiliar surroundings on August 1, the day after the trade deadline has passed.

With just over 48 hours to go between now and the deadline, what better time to take a look at each team's player who is most at risk of being dealt?

Not every team has a player who falls into that category, as this is limited only to players who were on a team's 25-man roster as of Sunday, July 28. I'm not saying that any or all of these players will be traded, only that the chance exists, no matter how slim that chance may be.

Minor leaguers need not apply, though some are mentioned in passing.

That said, let's take a look at which players might want to hold off on making dinner reservations in their current home cities until later this week.



*All statistics courtesy of Baseball-Reference.com and are current through games of July 28.

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