Watch Mets' Justin Turner Make Catch Despite Nasty Collision with Andrew Brown

Josh SchochAnalyst IIIJuly 26, 2013

Justin Turner and Andrew Brown had a scary moment for the New York Mets, but Turner turned it into a highlight-reel catch.

On the first pitch of the game by Matt Harvey, Turner ran out from shortstop and Brown ran in from left field on a fly ball hit by Denard Span. The two collided in shallow left field in what looked to be a nasty play, but Turner somehow hung onto the ball.

It looked like the two 28-year-olds simply didn't communicate well on the play, and Turner had no idea that Brown could've caught a ball that was the left fielder's to play.

Because Turner either didn't hear Brown or because Brown didn't call it loud enough, the two collided and looked like they suffered gruesome injuries. Luckily, both men were fine and continued to play. However, Turner would later leave the game with a sore shoulder.

The two went down hard after the injury, and fans from both sides were nervous about the collision.

Ouch...right in front of us. @redturn2

— Lee Devereaux (@LeeDevo) July 26, 2013

Luckily, the two were fine, and when fans realized that, they were able to appreciate just how difficult it must've been for Turner to make the play despite being taken out by a Ray Lewis-like hit.

Justin Turner down after a major collision with Andrew Brown. Somehow made the catch of Denard Span's shallow flyball down LF line.

— Mark Zuckerman (@ZuckermanCSN) July 26, 2013

Mets fans were surely nervous about Turner, and it doesn't help that he was taken off of the DL just four days ago. It doesn't look like he'll be going back on since he continued to play at first, but fans likely don't appreciate seeing one of their players put his body on the line like that right after being deemed healthy enough to play again.

Justin Turner literally just got off of the DL #areyoukidding #comunicationiskey

— Daniel Kaffee (@culligan_thomas) July 26, 2013

Justin Turner departed with sore right shoulder. #mets

— Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) July 27, 2013

Nonetheless, Mets fans appreciated what he did.

Justin Turner #toughasnails #respect

— PatCoyle (@PADDYLiTE) July 26, 2013

Washington Nationals fans also appreciated it, and they realized how dangerous of a play it was. Classy as ever, the fans cheered when both men got back up.

Nats fans clapped for @redturn2 when he got up. Classy.

— Yansore CFS (@BigDavesRants) July 26, 2013

Turner was lucky to be able to walk away from this hit, and hanging onto the ball made it that much sweeter.