Gareth Bale Situation Will Ultimately Decide Tottenham's Champions League Dream

Eric Guy@whoisericguyCorrespondent IIIJuly 26, 2013

Will Gareth Bale remain with Tottenham?
Will Gareth Bale remain with Tottenham?Ian Walton/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur’s UEFA Champions League aspirations depend solely on whichever direction the Gareth Bale situation goes in this summer.

Yes, it’s a pretty obvious thing to say; nonetheless, it is true.

After numerous attempts by Real Madrid to pry Bale out of the Spurs’ hands, Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has expressed that the club is taking steps toward a new contract for the 24-year-old to ensure that he wants to be down for the long haul, per The Telegraph:

There was contact between the club and his agent last year and there is ongoing contact between the club and his agent.

We renewed his contract at the beginning of last season, if you remember, and it is something that is being dealt with by the chairman and the agent.

Talks are ongoing but that doesn't mean there is an agreement. At the moment we're confident the player is under contract at Tottenham, as was done last year.

It's something that we are speaking about, but there aren't any developments.

Can you blame them? Bale has shown time in and time out that he is the engine that makes the Spurs go.

Recall the Spurs' dramatic victory over West Ham United last season.

Tied 2-2 late in the evening, the Spurs needed a goal, and quick at that. During the 89th minute, Bale answered the call, drilling a long shot into the corner of the net.

Although the aforementioned example took place in February, the victory kept them toward the top quarter of the table. If the game were to end in a tie, it would have been even more of an uphill climb later on for the Spurs in trying to catch the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal.

Getting Bale to commit to the team for the foreseeable future should be the Spurs’ foremost concern going into the 2013-14 EPL campaign, simply due to the fact that they will not be able to crack the top four of the table unless Bale is on board and the Spurs continue to make efforts in improving the attack.

During the 2012-13 EPL campaign, Jermain Defoe, Emmanuel Adebayor and Clint Dempsey knocked in a combined 23 goals, while Bale found the net 21 times.

Certainly, with Defoe (30), Adebayor (29) and Dempsey (30) approaching the final years of their careers, the spurs need to get younger and more explosive in the attack.

Now, one cannot deny the talent that the Spurs possess in the midfield with players like Aaron Lennon, Moussa Dembele and newly acquired pass-maestro, Paulinho from Corinthians.

Recently, the Spurs have made efforts to bolster the attack by signing Nacer Chadli from FC Twente, according to the Daily Mirror. Also, if the Spurs can reach an agreement with Valencia to bring striker Roberto Soldado aboard, the huge responsibility of scoring would definitely lessen for Bale.

Nevertheless, in order to hang with teams like Manchester United—who possess two of the most deadly scorers in front of goal on the face of the earth in Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie—and Manchester City—who recently went out and added one of the most skilled players on the planet in Stevan Jovetic—you have to have more than one guy that can get the job done up front.

And as supernaturally great as Bale is, he needs help, too. Like we have seen over the previous two campaigns, he is the offense. Without him, it would be pretty much impossible for the Spurs to unseat one of the EPL’s Big Four.

The point is that Bale makes things happen on the pitch when the Spurs need him most. Although they fell short of qualifying for Champions League play, can you imagine how grand of a struggle it would be without him?

Yes, no matter how mediocre the opponent, every EPL match is a precious one. Therefore, it is all the more important that the Spurs do everything they can to lockdown. With only 38 matches in the season, it doesn't take much for a team to miss out on playing against the world’s best in the Champions League.

And after two EPL seasons that are best described as heartbreaking, you better believe that Villas-Boas and the Spurs will be doing everything they can to appease their man.