Top Offensive Game-Changers in the 2014 Recruiting Class

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJuly 30, 2013

Racean Thomas via 247Sports
Racean Thomas via 247Sports

To be an offensive game-changer in college football, a player must be explosive, intuitive and extremely athletic.

There are great offensive players, and then there are game-changers.

A game-changer is the type of player who will make the play that everyone talks about. He'll swing the momentum, shut the door on an opponent and come through in the clutch.

These five recruits have the potential to fill that role.


Leonard Fournette

Believe it or not, the comparisons to Adrian Peterson are fair. Fournette has the size and speed to be a dominant running back at the college level. At 226 pounds,you'd think that he's just a power back, but he undoubtedly has game-changing ability.

Fournette will run over defenders, but he also has uncanny agility and speed. He'll be able to break long runs and make a few highlight-reel jukes. 

He'll be the type of back that an offense can rely on to grind it out and grab first downs at the end of the game, but he'll also be a threat to take it to the house every time he gets a touch.

Fournette is the definition of a game-changer.


Racean Thomas

Thomas is not getting the attention he deserves. To be fair, though, he's part of a class that is absolutely stacked at running back. 

Thomas is going to be that back you see on SportsCenter making the 65-yard touchdown run, all while making defenders look silly. He has elite agility and elusiveness. His footwork is unmatched, and he somehow finds a way to make defenders miss.

Whether it be with a sharp cut move, an awesome spin move or his stiff arm, Thomas is not going to go down easily.

It's like he's playing a video game, and that's not an exaggeration. He's going to swing a ton of momentum for some lucky offense.


Kyle Allen

It could be argued that accuracy is the most important trait that a quarterback can possess. He can be athletic, have a strong arm and know the playbook, but if he can't put the ball where it needs to be, he's unreliable.

Nothing changes the game more than turnovers, and that often times comes down to a quarterback's ability to be accurate. Poise plays a role in that as well.

Allen is extremely accurate and poised. He has a good arm and decent athleticism, but he'll be a game-changer because he'll be able to put the ball right where it needs to be in big spots.

The best way a quarterback can be a game-changer is by not allowing the defense to change the game.


Elijah Hood

Hood is a complete running back recruit. He may not have the "once in a decade" tag that Fournette does, but Hood has just as much ability. He can be a north-and-south runner and is extremely explosive. He hits the hole hard, and he is big enough to pound it between the tackles, lower his shoulder and pick up tough yards.

That said, Hood is also fast (4.48 40, according to 247Sports) and extremely athletic. Much like Fournette, Hood can turn on the burners and outrun defenders, or use his agility to make them miss.

As an added bonus, he'll also be a great receiver out of the backfield.

Hood is versatile enough to make a ton of game-changing plays at the college level.


Ermon Lane

A wide receiver with speed, athleticism and height can be quite a weapon at the college level.

Lane has the potential to be that kind of game-changer.

He's tall and lanky, but also has good hands and athleticism. He'll be able to stretch a defense vertically with his 4.52 speed (247sports), and he has good footwork and runs smooth routes.

If you press him, he'll beat you deep. Give him a cushion, though, and he'll be able to break and make you pay with above-average elusiveness and ability to run after the catch.

Lane can get a quick touchdown over the top or make the big possession catch.

That's exactly how you change the game as a wide receiver.

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