Any Injured Birds Should Go See Nurturing Angels Pitcher Dane De La Rosa

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 26, 2013

Sometimes a major league relief pitcher doesn't wait to be called on the bullpen phone. No, sometimes he takes it upon himself to save the day. 

Such was the case with Los Angeles Angels reliever Dane De La Rosa, who didn't exactly save the day, but he certainly took one visibly injured bird off the field. 

And, well, that's something. 

Thanks to the video, we have proof that ballplayers really do care about birds, which was up for some conjecture ever since Randy Johnson blew one up with a fastball

In the third inning, the 30-year-old spots a bird that is apparently injured. While others continue with their day, De La Rosa decides something must be done. 

He then escorts the bird from the bullpen into the clubhouse; all while the announcers report on every moment of the transport. 

What did the pitcher do with the bird? Did he perform emergency surgery in the halls of Coliseum? Well, the pitcher delivered some great news via Twitter:

Randy, my pigeon friend is aright.

— The_DUDE! (@Daner13) July 26, 2013

Thank you for all the kind words and helpful warnings. After the release back to the wild I made sure to wash my hands.(twice)

— The_DUDE! (@Daner13) July 26, 2013

Randy is doing just fine everybody, and was probably set free much in the same way Pedro Cerrano set his own pigeon loose

The season may just turn around, because this is the kind of act that warrants Christopher Lloyd showing up to change the team's fortunes

Then again, the Angels dugout may just pile up with injured birds De La Rosa collects. 

If you are wondering, the Angels went on to procure just their second win in five games, and De La Rosa would get a strikeout en route to a perfect eighth inning. 

Yes, the baseball gods are fans of random birds, and quite fond of De La Rosa as well. 


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