49er Fan For 38 Years and Still Counting!!

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49er Fan For 38 Years and Still Counting!!
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I remember at 8 years old in the 70's era.... my father and older brother would watch 49er football every Sunday.   After a short while, I had to wonder what all the excitement was about.  After all, my father would be yelling at the TV and asking my mom for a tranquilizer. 

I would be thinking, "what is the fascination of this sport?"  It caught my interest and we only had one TV. So if I wanted to watch TV, it had to be what they were watching.  So I started watching.  I remember a specific player at the time, John Brody. He wore a #12 Jersey. 

My dad and brother explained the concept of the game to me as I watched.  It appeared to me that the Niners weren't playing well, and my father couldn't take the pressure of the possibility of losing. Then another Sunday came, I had to see if the Niners were going to play better so that my father and brother would calm down. It worried me, so I had to keep watching. 

I grew more interested in the game as it went on.  I also remember other players from other teams that the forty niners played.  I remember a great wide receiver on the Dallas Cowboys, Drew Pearson. He wore number 88.  Now, after several weeks of watching, I had to play imaginary pro football in my backyard.  I pretended to be a quarterback, running back and wide receiver.  I pretended to "spike" the ball after the touchdown.  From that point forward, I have become a fan of the San Francisco 49’ers and a football fan for life.  This was all before the “Team of the 80's” and the five Superbowl wins which made me the most joyous fan on earth.  I sit here today wanting to write about my team and favorite passion 49er football!

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