2009 Spanish GP: Reality Check

einnahsCorrespondent IMay 10, 2009

And so the European season begins in Barcelona.

This wasn't a particularly happy weekend for Ferrari fans (or should I say, all non-Brawn GP fans). After millions spent on update packages, the pecking order hasn't changed too much.

Brawn and Red Bull are still at the top; Force India unfortunately is still way at the bottom. Ferrari showed the biggest improvement, but also proved that it's more than their car that's in serious trouble.

Renault, BMW and Williams are not moving forward, but at least are faring slightly better than McLaren and Toyota who seem to be sliding backwards. Toro Rosso is just, well, I'm not too sure what I was expecting from them.

But as Yoda would say, an in depth analysis of team performance, this article is meant to be not. Critiques of the various high (and low) lights of the 2009 Spanish GP, I bring you: 

  • Terminator Salvation + Brawn GP. Plus 0. Right... what's next, Harry Potter?
  • Kimi not making Q3. Minus 10. Seriously, I don't care whose fault it is, wake up Ferrari!!
  • Jenson gets pole. Minus 1, only bcos I cannot stand his excitement on team radio. 
  • Bad start by Vettel, overtaken by Massa and stays behind for most of the race. Minus 2. Meh.
  • Trulli spins and takes out 3 cars at turn 1! Plus 10. Love watching carbon fibre fly. Tough luck for Toro Rosso though.
  • Heikki retires. Again. Minus 5. This getting pathetic.
  • Kimi's car dies. Minus 100. OMG, I need to stab someone.
  • Massa running out of fuel. Minus 200. You've got to be kidding me.
  • Jenson makes it 4 out of 5. Plus 1. This is getting a bit stale.
  • Daddy Button. Minus 2. *Frown* Stop wearing pink.
  • Barrichello loses the race. Minus 2. Something is not quite right. Ruben's race strategist is almost at the same level at Ferrari's this year. 
  • Mark Webber leapfrogs to 3rd. Plus 2. Yay, this is the only thing I'm happy about the whole weekend.
  • Ferrari gets another 3 points. Woooo... Yayyyy... Now everybody please go back to your gigantic motorhome and slap yourselves hard 3 times. Minus 3.
As usual, feel free to add your own points. Looking forward to Monaco already, where I hope my favourite ice-cream man in red will fare better. May the force be with us, or at least put us out of our misery by choking all the brilliantly human (ie. seriously flawed) mechanics and race engineers at Ferrari.