Fireside Chat: 10 Questions for Eli Manning

Dan BentonCorrespondent IMay 10, 2009

Fireside Chat: 10 Questions for Eli Manning

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After five years in New York, do you have any regrets about refusing to sign with the San Diego Chargers (ultimately forcing a trade with New York) in 2004? After all, the media hasn’t exactly been your best friend in the Big Apple.

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Looking back to 2007 and Super Bowl XLII, do you feel you were deserving of the MVP award after the game Justin Tuck had and the two near interceptions on the final drive?

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Although you were in the midst of an incredible game and time was ticking down, did you realize the significance of your sack escape and David Tyree’s catch on 3rd-and-5? Did you have any idea that it may be looked at as the greatest play in NFL history?

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One of your frequent criticisms is your lackadaisical, “aw shucks” demeanor on the field. Some people interpret that as a weakness. What would you say to those people?

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A lot has been made of Plaxico Burress’ off-the-field issues, but many teammates have stood by and continue to stand by his side even though he’s no longer a member of the organization. Can you attest to his positive attitude in the locker-room or are the

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Speaking of Burress, the two of you actually shared a relatively interesting relationship. What did it mean to you when he named his son, Elijah, after you?

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Many people claimed Burress was actually your security blanket, citing his ability to go up and haul in balls as the reason. With him no longer in the picture, who do you envision as your go-to guy through the air?

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Which of the two wide receivers drafted, Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden, are you more excited to see on the field?

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It’s no secret that you have a very close relationship with your brother Peyton, so how much of a thrill would it be to face he and the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV?

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We all know you’ve also become a two-sport athlete, joining your brother Peyton and the Williams sisters in the Double Stuff Racing League (DSRL). What’s your offseason conditioning program like for that in comparison to the NFL season?

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