Funniest Celebration Dances

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2013

Funniest Celebration Dances

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    Celebrating in sports: Fans do it with a simple high five following a big play, or with one-too-many brews when their team wins a big game.

    Athlete celebrations though? Those can be epic.

    While some argue that players should act like they've been there before after scoring, most guys would prefer expressing themselves a bit more.

    While there are a few celebrations that have stood out more than others, these are the ones I think to be the funniest.

This Girls Basketball Team

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    After the Celtics brought the Gatorade dumping tradition to the hardwood in '08 following their NBA title, it looks like other teams are trying to duplicate the damn thing.

    Bad idea.

    As this high school girls team shows, when you're not quite strong enough to lift the cooler above the coaches head, the poor dude usually pays the consequence.

Digby Ioane

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    I learned a couple things from this video.

    One: Rugby is a sport for crazy, psychotic dudes who aren't afraid of getting hit at full-speed without any padding.

    And two: If you want to impress someone, bust out the dance that Digby Ioane does after he tracks down a loose ball and scores.

    Based on those moves, Ioane has to be the life of any wedding.


This Little Leaguer

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    Dammit, this video makes me wish that I was a three-year-old again.

    After sliding into home—but never actually touching the plate—this little guy doesn't just have the biggest smile on his face after scoring a run for his t-ball team, but then he also busts into a He-Man-like celebration, barking and pumping his fist, which only makes you smile.

Jacoby Jones

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    The only reason Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones' dance falls a bit further down my list than usual is because it didn't actually count.

    After an official review, the play was nullified, but just because the points got taken off the board doesn't mean the touchdown dance was forgotten about.

    With moves like that, Jones seems to have a choreography career waiting for him if the football thing doesn't work out.

This 5-Year-Old Soccer Player

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    After Italian striker Mario Balotelli's infamous goal against Germany in Euro 2012, there was plenty of recognition that came from different people around the globe.

    Though the pose almost earned a statue to commemorate it—well, by Mario himself—this little kid duplicating it in one of his games might just be the greatest honor for 'Super Mario'.


Kelley Washington

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    Where the hell did this thing come from?

    After showing this off at least a few times while playing for the Bengals, wide receiver Kelley Washington brought it with him anytime he caught a touchdown pass.

    Just like some of the studio guys admit on the video, pulling a hammy wouldn't be out of the question if I ever tried it.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Although I'm more of a Lionel Messi guy myself, there's no denying that Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most talented soccer player in the world.

    As good as he is with the ball at his feet, some of his celebrations have become world-class.

    Take this one for instance, where I can't help but smirk after seeing him score from about 50 yards out, turn his back like it's no big deal and then point to his thigh as if to say, "See this? That's the best right leg in the world, and if you have a problem with it, F you."

    Swag, bro.

Lamont Jordan

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    After rumbling, bumbling and stumbling 50 yards into the end zone, former running back Lamont Jordan wasn't too exhausted to take part in a little yard work.

    At least that's what he showed here when he used the football as a chainsaw to pretend to cut down the goal post.

    Nicely played Lamont; it's too bad we haven't seen it again since.

Rasul Chunayev

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    After a hard fought match with his opponent Islambek Albiev, Azerbaijani wrestler Rasul Chunayev didn't boast like we've seen WWE wrestlers do before.

    Instead, Chunayev broke out into a Michael Flatley-like "Lord of the Dance" performance, showing how nimble and agile he really is.


Mirko Vucinic

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    No reason to ask the question "Boxers or briefs?" to Juventus striker Mirko Vucinic.

    He clearly isn't afraid to show the entire world that he prefers tighty whities when he's playing soccer, dropping trou after scoring a penalty kick against Pescara.

    Waving them like a flag and running down the field pantless: classic move.

Kerwin Bell

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    How is the Canadian Football League ever going to get respect when its players do stupid stuff like this?

    Trying to boast about scampering into the end zone, this poor quarterback, Kerwin Bell, not only spikes the football into his own nuts, but does so while getting shoved by an opposing player, knocking him into another guy and ultimately to the ground.

    Pretty sure that's not how he drew it up.

James Hahn

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    Isn't golf supposed to be a gentleman's game, where excessive celebrating is frowned upon?

    Don't tell that to PGA golfer James Hahn, who, after knocking in a 19-foot birdie, broke into the most annoying Internet phenomenon of the past year, showing he knew how to go "Gangnam Style" on the course.

    The putt was impressive, but hitting every move in that dance might be even better.

This Junior Hockey Player

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    I'm not sure if the protective glass around the boards are any less sturdy than those in the NHL, but after seeing this junior league player jump into one following a goal, it sure seems like it.

    Shattering the glass and going skates over heels, this dude found out the hard way why celebrating with teammates is probably the best (and safest) way to reward yourself for scoring.

Adam Bobrow

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    Ping pong doesn't get a whole lot of attention in mainstream sports media, so what's a good way to get it some?

    By busting out into one of the most excessive celebrations to ever be seen.

    Though I'm not exactly convinced it's real, this Adam Bobrow guy may be the best promoter of the sport since that kid who bragged about beating everyone in high school gym class.

Icelandic Soccer Team, FC Stjarnan

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    This one comes from a couple of years ago, but I still can't get over both the creativity and the execution of the damn thing.

    It's hard enough to pull off a rehearsed celebration by yourself, so when Stjarnan player Halldor Orri Bjornsson was able to convince six of his teammates to get involved, it was arguably the greatest thing I've ever seen.