Arkansas Fan Continues Tradition of Awfully Amazing Songs with 'I'm a Bielemer'

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And the hits just keep coming.

If there are two things on God’s green Earth that Arkansas football fans love, they're pigskin and singing like tone-deaf children.

Over the course of the last year, the Razorbacks fanbase has rolled out several chart-toppers in ode to the team, and the latest one to surface is a little ditty titled “I’m a Bielemer.”

At first glance, the title appears to be a misspelled tribute by a Justin Bieber fan who found his way into mommy’s cooking sherry; however, upon closer inspection, the video is something much better—a heavyset young man crooning his love for new Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema. 

Bielema left Wisconsin for Arkansas in December 2012, taking over after former head coach Bobby Petrino left the program amid a flurry of media coverage concerning his involvement in an extramarital affair.

That’s all in the past for this fan, however. The sun shines again, another year of college football is upon us, and this nightingale will at last have his song heard. Thanks goes to Adam Kramer at Kegs ‘N Eggs, who dug the video out of some dark corner of YouTube and brought it into the light.

Indeed, that is “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees (not Smash Mouth)—or a version of it that has been half-sung, half-croaked into existence by a man in a Cotton Bowl shirt with the help of his off-camera buddy.

Here is what that song sounds like when performed by people who can hear themselves and don't view the practice of singing on key as beneath contempt.

This is high art, but I don’t believe it can touch the vocal stylings of Liz Honey, who is the nose-taped virtuoso of the Arkansas fanbase.

Did you feel that, guys? I think I just became a Bielemer.


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