Top Fantasy Football Tight Ends for 2013

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2013

The injury concerns around Rob Gronkowski have thrown many tight end fantasy lists into chaos.

Normally, Gronkowski is the guy at the top of the list—rightfully so, given he compiled No. 2 fantasy tight end stats last year.

However, with the possibility that he'll start the season on the PUP list, where he could be for a while, you could go a lot of different ways with your top-five list.

That said, keep this in mind about the New England Patriots tight end—his impressive stats from 2012 were compiled in just 11 games.

That was with Aaron Hernandez around. With Hernandez cut, there's less competition for targets. Yes, Jake Ballard will try to establish himself as a viable threat, but if both men are on the field, Ballard is still likely to be the "Aaron Hernandez" in this situation, while Gronkowski will still be Gronkowski.

Of course, there are injury concerns—and have been since before the 2010 NFL draft when he slid a round—as well as concerns that his focus isn't on the field where it should be.

Those 790 yards and 11 touchdowns in just 11 games are tempting, but if you grab him, you might need to go earlier on a backup than you normally would with a top fantasy tight end.

That means sacrificing talent and depth at another position.

Gronkowski is likely to get even more targets whenever he gets onto the field. You just don't know when that will be for sure.

Check out the rest of the top five and make sure to leave your comments on whom you're targeting.

And as always, thanks for watching.

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