20 Athletes Having Way More Fun Than You This Summer

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20 Athletes Having Way More Fun Than You This Summer
Image via dwighthoward—instagram

Let's face it, summer has never been quite the same since you left the classroom and entered the world of full-time employment. Sure, there's the warm weather and adulthood doesn't preclude a vacation, but the magic of those 12 glorious weeks of freedom is gone.

The dirty secret most of us learn, albeit in different ways, is that the magic is as much about our bank accounts and new responsibilities as it is about the fact that few jobs give you more than a month off each year (not even all at once), much less the entire summer.

You'd go insane stuck at home for three months watching daytime television and eating snacks. What we all need is a summer when we travel to some exotic location, or meet a bunch of A-List Hollywood types, or both.

Athletes live a much different life than you or I and social media has given them a way to remind us that summer magic can be recaptured. Photos of beautiful sandy beaches, gorgeous humans and any variety of infuriatingly fun activities are posted in real-time. 

Twitter and Instagram may offer a compelling glimpse into the lives of our favorite athletes, but they also provide a window into the ridiculous awesome time many of them are having, while we sweat and kill mosquitos.

Some athletes take it to a whole new level and make it very apparent that they are indeed having way more fun than the rest of us.

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