Daniel Bryan, a Heel Turn and a Possible Swerve in the Match Against John Cena

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 26, 2013


How in the world is the WWE going to make this right?

While I might be in the minority here, I am not in favor of both John Cena and Daniel Bryan being hailed as “faces” in this matchup come SummerSlam.

While the idea of John Cena finally jumping over the rainbow to the other side of the world where villains are cheered is intriguing, “Superman” is never going to make that leap.

But Daniel Bryan will, and if he did, it would be the logical thing to do in the case of two great wrestlers.

Bryan is the best thing going today and while he is Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and The Great Muta all rolled into one package, there is still a sliver of evil in him that tells me a heel turn might happen before the pay-per-view or at least during the event.

And it should.

From the time he began fighting with his “best friend,” Kane, and cost him matches, started to show a bit of fierceness in his matches with Randy Orton and the Shield and finally told John Cena what would happen if he interfered last week in his gauntlet matches, I could see the man we all want to yell with flip the switch just as quick.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If the culmination of the match between the two would be that Bryan not only won the WWE Title but also turned his back on Cena and the WWE Universe in the process, it would do the company well. It would lead to a rematch at Night of Champions and possibly more.

We have seen this happen before. We see how faces change in a heartbeat. Changing from one side of the fence to the other can do wonders for a wrestler’s career. I’m not saying Daniel Bryan needs this “change,” but he will never draw top billing in the company as long as CM Punk and Cena are ruling the roost.

Alberto Del Rio as a singles star and Brock Lesnar are the company’s top heels. Damien Sandow is learning. The Shield and The Wyatts are great trios, but they are thought of in that vein. It could be inferred that Dean Ambrose and the tag team champions, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, are separate entities, but there still needs to be a lead heel.

Bryan fits that role.

If it’s going to happen, it needs to be dramatic, it needs to mean something, and it needs to happen at SummerSlam.

The buildup can be anything it needs to be leading to the match, but in the end, Bryan’s best move is to turn toward the other side.