Report: NBA Players on Biogenesis Clinic Report

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Report: NBA Players on Biogenesis Clinic Report
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It seems the MLB might not be the only professional sport under the microscope for PED usage. A report by ESPN's T.J. Quinn says Porter Fischer, the man who released the documents to the Miami New Times in 2012, claims that in addition to MLB players, players from the NBA, NCAA, pro boxing, and MMA are on the list as well.

The NBA has had its problems with drug usage, but never as wide scale as the MLB or even NFL. In fact, Hedo Turkoglu was suspended for 20 games this season for violating the NBA's substance abuse policy. Although the NBA's policy is not nearly as strict as other leagues, they still test randomly to try and avoid players getting a competitive advantage on their peers. According to Comcast Sportsnet's Andy Dolich, there are four different levels of offenses in the NBA's policy, with the first offense being a five game suspension and the fourth being a two year suspension.

What does this mean for the NBA? Nothing as of now, but once the names are released we could be in for some big surprises. The MLB has recently seen some of their biggest names go down for PED usage with Ryan Braun and possibly Alex Rodriguez. The difference with the NBA is that if some of the biggest names in the NBA go down, the league might not be the same.

It will be interesting what following information comes out in the coming days and weeks from this report. If it has been anything like the baseball report, Adam Silver could be in for a big headache in his first year as NBA commissioner. 

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