3 Ways to Get the Most from The Shield's Feud with Mark Henry

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistJuly 31, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

With all of the current feuds going on in WWE, one that seems to be getting less attention than it rightfully deserves in the one that seems to be building between the Shield and Mark Henry.

Add to the rivalry a tentative alliance between Henry and the upstart Usos, and the stage is set for a six-man war that could heat up the late summer months.

It stands to reason that the company may go forward with the storyline as is, but there are several tweaks that could be made to make the battle that much more exciting.


1.  Hype Reigns As Comparable To Henry In The Strength Department

Reigns, whose strength is his greatest gift, is known for being able to take even the largest of opponents off of their feet with his dreaded spear. With help from Rollins and Ambrose, he has been able to powerbomb the Big Show and even Henry himself. If fans see Reigns as a threat to Henry's power, it may take away The World's Strongest Man's greatest weapon.

Which in turn could legitimize the Shield's threat to him.


2. Give Henry A Credible Partner

No offense to the Usos, but up until very recently, they were near the bottom of the ladder in an already weak tag team division. With a slight repackaging (which basically involved face paint and new ring gear), they have now become one of the top contenders for the Shield's tag team titles. 

However, a vast majority of the WWE Universe likely does not see them as a real threat, despite their recent success. By giving Henry a more credible (and possibly more popular) partner, the company can easily form a team that would intimidate most opponents, even the Shield.

The yet-to-return Big Show would be a suitable choice,  as he has history with the group, battling them earlier this year in a feud that also involved Sheamus and Randy Orton.

Show adds size, strength and tons of experience to the equation, not to mention a long-standing grudge with the Shield. Plus the sheer size of Big Show and Henry would make it possible to allow the pair to compete against the three members of the Shield without the aid of a third person, leading to a possible series of two-on-three handicap matches.


3. Allow Henry To Challenge Ambrose For The United States Title 

There seems to be little doubt about whether or not the company intends to push the three upstart talents. Ambrose is the current United States champion, while Reigns and Rollins have secured the tag team titles.

However, the group has remained loyal to the pack mentality. Ambrose seems to rarely defend his title or even appear on his own. Reigns and Rollins have formed a formidable twosome and have appeared dominant in nearly every encounter they have entered.

By having Ambrose enter into a feud with Henry, a former world champion, it legitimizes what Ambrose can do in the ring. It also gives some credibility to his title reign and allows Henry to enter into a title picture without placing him into the already cloudy one for one of the two world titles in the company.

It has been quite some time since Henry was a fan favorite, though since his faked retirement speech where he attacked WWE champion John Cena, it seems as if the WWE Universe has suddenly come to respect the World’s Strongest Man. Seeing what Henry can do with the newfound adoration of the fans will be an intriguing premise.

In addition, the Shield have continued to have their way with nearly everyone that has had the misfortune of being stuck in their path. However, it stands to reason that a 400-plus pound Henry would be a tough obstacle to eliminate.

But whatever direction the company ultimately decides to go in should make for a compelling, and surely action-packed, summer storyline.