Breaking Down Latest News and Rumors Surrounding WWE 2K14

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 25, 2013

(Photo: 2K Sports)
(Photo: 2K Sports)

WWE 2K14 news comes trickling out.

By now, most fans have heard that the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage will be a part of the game as will added OMG moments and catch finishers. What else will 2K Sports' first go-round with the franchise offer?

It appears that the differences are going to be subtle, which might explain why fans haven't heard a ton about a game scheduled to come out only a few months from now.

The first question on many minds is about the roster. Who is going to be available other than current Superstars, Savage, Warrior, The Rock and Steve Austin?


Roster Rumor

There's a rumor for at least one name from the past joining that groupScott Hall.

When a fan asked Hall on Twitter about if he would be a part of the upcoming game, he had this to say:

It's hard to tell if Hall was just pulling this kid's leg or is he and WWE working out a deal to bring him into the game as nWo Scott Hall, Razor Ramon or both. It'd certainly be fun trying to create his classic ladder matches against Shawn Michaels.

Last year, THQ revealed the roster for WWE 13 on Aug. 18 which was the night of SummerSlam 2012. Should tradition hold, we'll get a lot of answers about who will be a part of the game once this year's SummerSlam pay-per-view arrives.


Gameplay Tweaks

Players expecting an overhaul now that 2K Sports is in control are going to jump into WWE 2K14 and be confused. It appears that the game will be very similar in terms of graphics and basic gameplay.

The changes are going to sneak up on most fans.

Jason Fannelli of reviewed an early version of the game and told the following:

After a while, you begin to see the intricacies, from the animations to the improvements in the reversal system. It just makes for a better experience overall. Those little things end up making it feel so much closer to what you see on television.

That's not as exciting or flashy as wholesale changes, but from what Fannelli says, it sounds like gameplay is going to be better in the long run.

Players should be able to play the game for longer without running into annoying glitches. Smoothing things out like that should extend the amount of hours one can get out of it and lower the number of times one throws the controller at the wall.

What are these changes exactly?

Among the items listed on are an overhauled navigation system, added animation gestures and an increase in two-counts. Adding near falls is a good move, but an expected one. It's the animations tweaks that should add significant realism to the game. promises that wrestlers will adjust their wrist bands mid-match, motion for the opponent to get up and that walking, running and dragging motions will be "more fluid and life-like." We should then expect less awkward transition from walking to running and other instances were Superstars start to evoke robots on the screen.

Hopefully these adjustments will make up for the lack of large-scale change or exciting additions like the Attitude Era theme last year. 2K Sports Senior Game Designer Bryan Williams seems to think so.

Williams, per, said of WWE 2K14, "I, honestly, in my heart of hearts, think this is most complete wrestling game I've had the honor of working on."

Being a complete wrestling game would be a fantastic start to 2K Sports' takeover of the franchise. Let's hope it is just that regardless of who ends up being on the roster.