WWE Denies Stacy Keibler Reports

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 25, 2013

Stacy in her WWE days (from WWE.com)
Stacy in her WWE days (from WWE.com)

The WWE has denied current reports from The Sun newspaper that it is negotiating with Stacy Keibler about a potential return.

Speaking to PWInsider, a spokesperson denied the claim that the WWE intends to bring the newly single star back and team her with Daniel Bryan.

In news that will greatly disappoint fans of the former Diva, PWInsider's Mike Johnson writes:

The reality is...there are no plans.

PWInsider.com reached out to a WWE spokesperson to see what the reality behind the rumors were and was told, "We are not speaking with her."

So, there are no negotiations. The two sides are not in contact in regard to a return.

Of course, this isn't really a surprise.

Keibler, who worked for the WWE between 2001 and 2006, has spoken out before about her dislike of the busy and grueling WWE schedule, most recently in an interview with Sam Roberts.

While some stars, like The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, have been given part-time schedules in the past, it is doubtful WWE would give Keibler, a Diva who was used mostly as a valet in her first stint, the same courtesy. 

Besides, she seems to have moved on from the business. Keibler is currently busy hosting Lifetime's new reality show Supermarket Superstars. She's also picked up various acting roles in the last couple of years

Thanks to her widely publicized relationship with Hollywood star George Clooney, Keibler's profile has rocketed in the past two years, and she's now in high demand in Hollywood.

The former Nitro girl may not quite be a household name yet, but she's still garnered far more mainstream attention than most Divas and ex-Divas ever will. In all honestly, she doesn't really need the WWE right now.

This may be for the best. Come on, did anyone actually want to see the totally random pairing of Keibler and Daniel Bryan, anyway? Talk about a mismatch.