The Shield Are Being Wasted in a Pointless Feud with Mark Henry

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 25, 2013

The Shield make their entrance (from
The Shield make their entrance (from

Alas, The Shield's stock has fallen in recent times.

The wrestlers who were once main-evening pay-per-views and Raw on a regular basis have now been reduced to facing the little-known tag team the Usos. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns just don't feel like the big stars they once did, mainly due to the booking.

So, why has their stock plummeted in recent times? There's a myriad of potential reasons for this.

Claims have been floating around that the trio have garnered huge backstage heat in recent months, hence the demotion to the midcard. Ex-WWE writer Court Bauer, citing sources in the company, has gone on record about the group's problems in recent podcasts with Live Audio Wrestling. Bauer claims the problems stem from attitude issues and the three taking themselves too seriously backstage.

In last week's (subscribers-only) F4W Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez noted the allegations, but noted that some in the company had refuted them.

There have been reports that there is heat on the Shield, particularly Seth Rollins and to a lesser extent Roman Reigns. It's funny because half the people questioned about it say it's true and the other half say it's not true at all. CrankyVince on Twitter claimed it had to do with a handshake issue with Rollins, which sounds so petty that you can almost believe it.

Really, who knows?

Of course, one possibility is that, after a long stint in the main event scene, The Shield are just naturally moving down the card until another spot on top opens up. It doesn't necessarily have to be heat.

Well, it was bound to happen.

John Cena is in an angle with Daniel Bryan at the moment. Money in the Bank winner Randy Orton is focusing on getting the WWE belt back. Chris Jericho is going on a hiatus. There aren't that many opponents left on top for the Shield anyway.

But is a feud with Henry really going to keep them satisfactorily occupied in the interim?

First of all, this will essentially be a three vs. one angle. OK so The Usos may be involved in some manner or another, but the main story is Henry battling Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns.

And, really, how bad is that going to make The Shield look when they struggle to beat Henry even with the numbers advantage?

There's also the fact that this storyline has seemingly come out of nowhere.

What problem is The Shield supposed to have with Henry anyway? How is beating him going to bring “justice” back to the WWE? At least it made sense when they went after company figureheads like Orton and Cena. The trio going after Henry—who frequently disrespects WWE management for not giving him a fair shot throughout his career—feels so...random.

It truly feels like this Henry/Shield angle has been thrown together simply to give all involved something to do. Probably because it was.

Erratically booked, credibility-damaging and nonsensical, this current Mark Henry/Shield feud is time-filler and little else.

Frankly, these guys deserve better.