Manchester United Launch 2013-14 Away Kit: The Football World Reacts

Charles LawleyContributor IJuly 25, 2013

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The mixed reaction to last season’s home kit hasn’t stopped Manchester United from unveiling another tartan style kit for their 2013-14 away kit, prompting rumors that Nike got a really good deal on kilt material at one point.

They unveiled their new change strip while on their preseason tour of Japan.

They took the Premier League trophy with them? That must have been tough to get through airport security. We can’t even get a bottle of mineral water through in our hand luggage.

The official statement on the club’s website,, stated:

The new away shirt, unveiled during the club’s preseason tour in Japan at Osaka Castle, features the gingham used on last season’s home shirt with a bigger, bolder design.

The shirt’s large black and midnight navy gingham checks represent Manchester’s proud industrial past when the check was produced in the city’s booming cotton mills in the 18th century.

However, the kits are made from recycled (probably from old kilts) polyester and not cotton, despite “Manchester’s proud industrial past”. The club's website states that “the kit is made from recycled polyester as part of Nike’s commitment to produce performance apparel with reduced environmental impact.” But with a men’s short sleeve shirt, without printing, available for pre-order at £55, there is obviously a commitment to produce performance apparel with maximum financial impact.

Needless to say Rio Ferdinand, Tom Cleverley, Patrice Evra, Shinji Kagawa and Johnny Evans looked absolutely delighted to be given the honor of unveiling the new away shirt.

Appropriately, in the week where Liverpool owner, John W. Henry (no relation to Thierry or Karl), asked on Twitter (with regards to Arsenal's bid for Luis Suarez that we're guessing didn't meet Henry's valuation)...

...Manchester United released this press shot of the new kit:


The kit's release proves that reported leak (which are usually as reliable as facts stated in a Wikipedia article) a few months back, like the one reported on, was in fact correct. 

The footballing world have been reacting to the Premier League champions' kit launch. There has been usual cynicism that meets any new kit launch: 

We think Benjamin fails to see that transfer policy and kit design are probably from two different departments within the club.

Conor MCFC weighed in with his, unbiased judging by his username, opinion on the kit:

Dean Southby doing his own take on John W. Henry's tweet, there. 

There was also some positive reaction on Twitter:

And some looked at the bigger picture. Literally: 


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