The Curse Of the Favre?

SB ReportCorrespondent IIMay 9, 2009

It was first the curse of the Bambino. Some time later came the curse of the goat and now, the curse of Brett Favre. The Packers are in grave danger of becoming the next great franchise diminished by the dreaded curse.

First, it's important to understand exactly what these curses are all about and the similarities they share.

The five-time world champion Red Sox sell a chubby pitcher to the lackluster Yankees. He is Babe Ruth and becomes baseball's home run king. The Yankees win more rings than their fingers and toes can hold and the Red Sox lose for the next 86 years.

About 25 years later, Billy Sianis buys two tickets to a Cubs' World Series game. One for himself and one for his goat. The spectators complained that his goat had a bad odor and they were both asked to leave. As he leaves, he yells, "Them Cubs, they aren't gonna win no more." The Cubs remain baseballs "loveable losers."

The names Buckner and Bartman still haunt Red Sox and Cubs' fans.

Each team made what appeared to be good decisions. The Red Sox already had championships and they were selling their players for cash. If thats not the American way I don't know what is. The Cubs got the stinky goat out of the stands at Wrigley...ticket or no ticket, it was the right decision.

And now we have Brett Favre. The Packers appear to make all the right moves. Like him or not, Brett Favre is old. The Packers prepared for his departure. They drafted Aaron Rodgers and groomed him to replace Favre one day. Favre puts the team in an awkward spot and they ultimately part ways with him. Had they known Aaron Rodgers would throw 28 touchdowns compared to 13 picks the following year, the decision would have been much easier.

Not so fast.

The Packers go 6-10, despite Rodgers great season. And two of those wins were against Detroit. Those don't count.

Now Favre is again mulling a return. This time to the Packers' fiercest rival. The Vikings have been winning with quarterbacks named Gus and Tarvaris. Imagine their success with a legitimate quarterback. Brett Favre has the arm to help Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin reach their potential. The Vikings' running game can only get better with these threats. Oh, and they still have the best running back in the NFL.

The Packers drafted well this year and seem to have the pieces in place. But personell can't overcome curses.

It could be a long time before the Pack is back.