Andrew Bynum the Cleveland Cavalier Will Still Rock Ridiculous Hair

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 25, 2013

Don't worry, Cleveland, because you are getting the best of Andrew Bynum

The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas spotted a wonderful photo that has us confident the season of mad Bynum hair is in full swing. 

Here is a tweet from Slam magazine's Marcel Mutoni, showing a Bynum who is wearing team gear and posing with an ecstatic (slightly befuddled?) fan:

The best part of the entire picture is, of course, the RadioShack employee who is very confused at the moment. We hope, at least for the sake of the people behind him, his confusion ends the moment he gets to order his food. 

As for the former All-Star center, we have nothing to say except, "Bravo!"

In fact, we can use the Internet to formulate how Bynum might look with a few decades added to his age:

Ah, I knew he looked familiar. 

This is the moment when we remind you of all the brilliant and captivating hairstyles Bynum donned last season while riding the bench for the Philadelphia 76ers. 

He is now with the Cavaliers and ready to once again hit the basketball court, which should have every last one of you only slightly depressed.

On one hand, we'll be happy to see Bynum back on the court and feeling spry. Still, we all enjoyed Sixers games, if only for the chance to spot what new hairdo a benched Bynum might deliver.  

While his basketball prowess may be up for conjecture, there is no question he is trying to make some noise in regards to his hair. 

If you are wondering how the last couple of seasons have gone for Bynum, consider the hype surrounding his coiffure. This is a young man once seen as an up-and-coming beast in the middle. 

After a season out because of injury, all the basketball world wants to know is what his hair will look like tomorrow. 

Cleveland is instantly the luckiest place in the world—if only for today. 


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