NBA Foul Play: Infractions Toward End of Game Should Be Called Intentional

J. AlexanderCorrespondent IApril 10, 2008

Even though I love basketball, especially the NBA, one rule must be changed and that is fouling towards the end of games. 

These fouls are clearly intentional and should be called as such. 

If an announcer said, "The Mavericks are now going to try and foul here," this is intent. 

They are trying to foul. 

How can a foul be more intentional than if a player is trying to commit it? 

I realize these are not hard fouls by any means.  It's usually a player giving a soft bear hug to the guy with the ball, but the defender rarely makes an attempt to get the steal.

Many critics of basketball complain that the last two minutes of a game last half an hour.  While it may not be a full 30 minutes, they do have a point. 

Any time a team is winning by 10 with less than two minutes to go, the losing team continually fouls hoping that its opponent will miss free throws, so the deficit can be narrowed. 

This sometimes results in the losing team overcoming a huge deficit and winning but usually not.

My perspective is that if you're down by eight points with 90 seconds left, you lost.  Plain and simple. 

The other team outplayed you for 46+ minutes, and you lost. 

Get over it.  Stop trying to delay the game to give your team that one percent chance of a comeback. 

Any foul during this time of the game where it is clear that the defender is trying to foul, should be called an intentional foul. 

The team getting fouled should be awarded two shots as well as the ball.

This would make the end of the game last the appropriate amount of time as the defense would no longer commit these infractions since the winning team would be getting the ball back anyway.

Some fans like the fact that the losing team has the chance to come back, and yes, this does make the game more interesting. 

As a basketball purist, I want the team who is leading the entire game, unless it's extremely tight the whole way, to win the game. 

I don't want to see a team come from eight points down with 45 seconds to win simply because they committed intentional fouls. 

Those who like the current rule just say, "Hey, it's simple. Make your free throws." 

I would agree, if these fouls were simply personal fouls, but they are obviously intentional, and something should be done about this.

Basketball games have the potential to end a good 20 minutes earlier if these calls are made properly. 

However, we now have to sit down and watch 15+ minutes of guys shooting free throws while watching bad threes being taken at the other end. 

The game can get better, and this is just one way how.