CF WWE DVD Reviews: Backlash 2002

AdamContributor IMay 10, 2009

A video airs on Triple H and Hogan coming off of what could be considered their greatest Wrestle Manias ever.

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Billy Kidman © vs. Tajiri w/Torrie Wilson)

Nice quick start with some good spots by Kidman. Tajiri works on Kidman’s head, with some brutal kicks to the temple. Then, Tajiri stretches Kidman’s back on the steel post. Kidman fights back, and reverses Tajiri’s signature elbow from the ropes with a drop kick to the back. That spot looks sick. Kidman gets a near fall reversing a powerbomb into the X-Factor. Kidman misses the Shooting Star Press and is hit with Tajiri’s signature kick to the head, but Kidman kicks out! Both men are on the top now, and Kidman hits a sitdown spinebuster on Tajiri from the top. Both men back up, and Kidman lifts up Tajiri for a powerbomb, but Tajiri sprays the red mist from his mouth onto Kidman and gets the 1, 2, 3. Tajiri is intervied by Cole after the match and speaks all in Japanese while Torrie Wilson is pissed.

Winner: Tajiri at 9:06. Great opener, and had the feeling of one. Great crowd, and great execution of every single move by Tajiri and Kidman. One of the better Cruiserweight matches in 2002. (**3/4)

Bradshaw and Farooq catch up for the first time since the draft up backstage when Scott Hall’s music hits.

Bradshaw vs. Scott Hall w/X-Pac

During the now’s entrance, X-Pac is wearing Kane’s mask, and looks hilarious. The bell rings, and X-Pac gets in the ring and acts as though it’s a 2-on-1 Handicap match. Just then, before anything has happened in the match, Farooq comes out and makes it even, and the match begins. The crowd is really pumped when the APA reunites. Hall throws his toothpick and Bradshaw, only to be met with a hard clothesline by Bradshaw. After a few punches and a DDT on Hall by Bradshaw, Farooq punches Hall on the outside, and then Farooq punches X-Pac. Hall chokes Bradshaw on the ropes, and then distracts the ref so X-Pac can beat up Bradshaw a bit. Hall works on him for a few minutes, with some impact clotheslines, but Bradshaw soon hits a shoulder block, and both men are down. After some back and forth brawling in the ring, Bradshaw hits the Clothesline From Hell, and goes for the cover, but X-Pac puts Hall’s leg on the ropes to stop the near fall. X-Pac then toys with Farooq, but Farooq chases X-Pac around the ring, and when he catches up with X-Pac, he slams X-Pac’s back against the steel post. With the ref turned at the outside action, Hall low blows Bradshow and rolls him up for the pin.

Winner: Scott Hall at 6:25.They really didn’t go out and perform a masterpiece in the ring, and it definitely wasn’t a good brawl. The APA reunion, the interference by Farooq and X-Pac, and the great crowd helped this match. (3/4*)

Backstage, Vince McMahon walks into Ric Flair’s office. Flair is with Arn Anderson. Vince says he relates to Flair now. But Flair says he will never be like Vince McMahon. Vince tells Flair he can try, and offers a hand shake, but Flair turns him down.

Women’s Championship
Jazz © vs. Trish Stratus

Trish comes out, but Molly Holly comes out instead of Jazz. Molly Holly lost a number one contender match to Trish on Raw when Trish cheated to win. Molly holly says that the people want their champion to be pure and wholesome like Molly Holly. Molly Holly drops the mic, and punches Trish. Trish fights back when Jazz enters the ring. Molly Holly irish whips Trish into the steps, and Jazz has a clear advantage. Early on, stratus missed the Chick Kick, but connects on the second try for a near fall. Trish hits the Stratusphere a few seconds later. Jazz hits a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Trish Stratus mounts a come back, and goes for the Stratusfaction, but it is reversed into a back breaker for a near fall. Jazz locks in the Boston Crab, but when Trish won’t tap out, Jazz turns it into the STF. Trish finally taps. Jazz is interviewed, and just walks away with no comments.

Winner: Jazz at 5:07. The Molly Holly interference was pointless, as it didn’t make the win easier for Jazz. It was fast paced and short, which is what a women’s match should be. They didn’t go beyond here, but the match was overall solid. (*3/4)

Jeff Hardy/Brock Lesnar video airs.

Paul Heyman pumps up Lesnar for his upcoming match backstage.

Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. Jeff Hardy w/Lita

Hardy dropkicks Lesnar off the apron, and jumps to the outside, but Brock catches him. Jeff escapes and pushes Lesnar into the steel post. Back in the ring, Hardy hits a cross body off the top on Lesnar for a near fall. The action slows down, and Lesnar hits a Belly to Back suplex on Hardy. Lesnar hits another easily. Lesnar picks up Jeff, and hits three consecutive back breakers with ease. Heyman smack talks to Lita, saying that it’s all her fault. Hardy fights back with punches and kicks, but is irish whipped into the corner with pure aggression by Lesnar. Hardy mounts a come back with a Whisper in the Wind hit to perfection. Both men back up, and Jeff hits his signature jaw breaker. Jeff climbs to the top turnbuckle, and hits the Swanton Bomb! But Lesnar kicks out! Jeff is furious, and goes to the outside to get a steel chair. Hardy gets back in and swings the chair at Lesnar, but Lesnar picks Hardy up and hits the F-5. Heyman tells Brock to break Jeff’s head. Lesnar then picks up Hardy, and hits three consecutive power bombs. Referee Theodore Long then stops the match. Lesnar is declared the winner by referee’s decision.

Winner: Brock Lesnar at 5:32. A good squash match. Hardy played his part well, and everything clicked. The match did what it was supposed to, and it was ok. (*)

Kurt Angle/Edge video airs.

Kurt Angle vs. Edge

Back and forth action to begin. Angle works on Edge with a sleeper hold. Edge fights out of it, but Angle hits a German Suplex on Edge. Angle goes for another, but Edge gets out of it, and hits a belly to back suplex on Angle. Both men are down. They both get up, and they punch each other for a bit. Edge back body drops Angle. Edge hits the Edgecution for a near fall. Edge gets out of the back suplex, and hits his signature bulldog for another near fall. Edge climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Angle runs up to the top, and hits a belly to back suplex off the top! But Angle gets a near fall. Angle, frustrated, locks in the Angle Lock, but Edge kicks out of the hold. Angle hits his signature three straight german suplexes for a near fall. Angle waits for Edge to get up, and goes for the Angle Slam, but Edge gets out of hit, and hits a german suplex in which flips Kurt 180 degrees! Angle charges at Edge, but Edge back body drops Angle to the outside. Edge climbs to the top, and hits a cross body off the top onto Angle on the outside! Edge brings Kurt into the ring, and climbs up to the top again. Edge hits a missile dropkick on Angle for another near fall. Edge taunts Angle to get up. Edge goes for another Edgecution, but Angle gets out of it, and hits the Angle Slam. Edge kicks out! Angle is pissed, and pulls his straps down. Angle locks in the Angle Lock. Edge is so close to the ropes, but Angle pulls Edge away. Edge reverses the Angle Lock into a roll up! Angle kicks out. Angle is frustrated, and gets a chair on the outside. Angle brings it into the ring. Angle goes for a chair shot, but Edge dodges it, and the chair bounces off the ropes into Angle’s face! Edge then hits the Edge-o-Matic for a near fall. Edge sets up for the Spear. Edge charges at Angle, but Angle flat out kicks Edge in the head! Angle hits the Angle Slam for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle at 14:15. The last few minutes were really something to watch. Outstanding match with a good storyline coming into. Great ending that had the crowd on the edge (no pun intended) of their seats. (****)

Tazz is shown at Times Square interviewing people on who they think will win the main event for the Undisputed Championship between Hogan and Triple HHH.

RVD/Guerrero is supposed to begin, but Chris Jericho’s music hits, and Jericho enters the ring. Jericho says that thirty days ago he mainevented Wrestle Mania 18 as the Undisputed Champion, but tonight, he doesn’t even have a match. He says he’s a common spectator now like every one of the jack [Censored] in the arena. Jericho says even Billy Kidman has a match, even Maven has a match. Jericho says it hurts his feelings. Jericho leaves and says since he isn’t in a match, then he must not be welcome here.

Flair and Taker meet up backstage and have a stare down.

Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam © vs. Eddie Guerrero

RVD hits some spin kicks and a monkey flip on Eddie Guerrero when the match starts. Eddie then finds an opening and focuses on RVD’s knee. RVD hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. RVD then kicks Eddie in the head for another near fall. RVD hits a unique suplex into a pin for a yet another near fall. RVD hops up to the top, but Eddie gets up and trips up RVD. Eddie goes to the top to meet Van Dam. Eddie wants to hit a suplex from the top, but RVD jumps off and bounces Eddie’s neck off the top ropes. RVD then climbs up to the top and hits a missile dropkick on Eddie. RVD continues his offensive aerials a bit more. RVD hits a moonsault on Eddie on the outside, then goes for his signature spinning leg drop from the apron while his opponent is leaning forward on the barricade. RVD hits it. Back in the ring, Eddie lifts his knees up when RVD goes for the Rolling Thunder. Eddie executes an awesome back breaker, and then a back suplex, for a close fall. Eddie continues working on RVD’s back. Eddie uses some amazing submission holds not usually seen. Eddie continues to hit different suplexes that hurt the back of Rob Van Dam. Eddie climbs to the top and goes for the Frog Splash, but RVD meets him at the top. Eddie hits a Sunset Flip Powerbomb on RVD to perfection for a near fall. RVD gets out of Guerrero’s power bomb and kicks Eddie. Eddie then rolls to the outside and grabs his title belt. RVD kicks Eddie and grabs the belt from Eddie. RVD is about to hit Eddie with the belt, but the ref gets hit by accident. Eddie then kicks RVD and hits a neck breaker on RVD onto the belt. Eddie then climbs to the top and hits the Frog Splash for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero at 12:23. Anti-climatic finish. I’d like to see RVD attempt and at least hit or miss the Five-Star Frog Splash. RVD’s comeback was too short. The beginning was too one sided, and the ending was too one sided. Overall a nice bout that you really can’t complain about. (***1/4)

Undertaker/Stone Cold video airs.

Number One Contender Match
Special Guest Referee: Ric Flair
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker

During the opening minutes, they feel each other out, with some mat wrestling and stare downs. Undertaker uses some submission holds until Austin starts punching away with rights on Taker. The match turns into a brawl as they fight around the ring. Austin loses momentum after dominating the last few minutes, when Taker reverses a pile drive on he outside, and back body drops Austin on the outside. X-Pac and Scott Hall come out and watch the match at ringside. Taker works on Austin with a leg lock, and then a head lock. Austin fights back and stomps a mudhole in Taker. Taker though fights back and goes for the tombstone on Austin. Austin gets out of it, and rams Taker into Flair. Flair is down, and Austin hits the Stunner on Taker! Austin goes for the cover, but Flair is still down. While Austin tries to revive Flair, Taker regroups and low blows Austin. Taker prepares for the Choke Slam, and nails it on Austin. Flair has recovered. 1, 2, No! Austin kicks out. Taker goes to the outside and gets a chair. Flair takes the chair away from Taker, and while Flair isn’t looking, Austin low blows Taker. Taker hits a Big Boot on Austin for a near fall. Austin then reverses Taker’s irish whip and hits a spinebuster on Taker for a near fall. Taker reverses the Stunner and pushes Austin into Flair. Taker grabs the chair, and hits Austin in the head with the chair! Austin kicks out though. Taker misses a chair shot on Austin, and Austin stomps a mudhole on Taker again. Austin grabs the chair, but Flair grabs it. Austin pulls it away from Flair, turns around, and Taker hits a Big Boot into the chair into Austin! Taker goes for the cover. Taker wins, and Flair didn’t notice Austin’s leg on the ropes during the pin fall.

Winner: The Undertaker at 27:38. Pretty boring and slow. The use of the chair was pretty boring, as it had been used in three matches already! They should have made this match a a No Disqualification match. Despite that, the match was still below expectations considering the talent in the match. The finish pissed the crowd off, and the crowd, which was great for the previous matches, was average here. (*1/2)

Backstage, Flair is interviewed, and saw that Austin’s leg was on the rope. Flair says, “[Censored]”.

Tag Team Championship
Billy & Chuck w/Rico © vs. Al Snow & Maven

Snow and Maven clear the ring to start the match. Billy and Chuck work on Maven, but Maven hits an Enziguri on Chuck. Maven hot tags Snow. Snow back body drops Palumbo. Snow then hits over ten punches on Billy Gunn. Snow goes off the ropes, but Palumbo hits a clothesline on him. Gunn hits a spinning neck breaker on Snow for a near fall. Palumbo tags in and puts a back submission hold on Snow. Chuck then hits a Belly to Back suplex on Snow for a near fall. The crowd chants at Rico during the match. Gunn tags in and misses a splash aimed for Snow on the turnbuckles. Palumbo gets in the ring, but Snow drop toe holds Chuck onto Billy. Al Snow hot tags Maven. Maven knocks down Billy and Chuck with clotheslines, and then drop kicks Palumbo out of the ring. Billy Gunn hits the Fame-Asser or Maven, but Al Snow pulls Maven out of the ring. Palumbo hits a super kick on Snow. Maven re-enters the ring. While Gunn distracts the ref, Palumbo holds Maven, and Rico enters the ring. Rico goes for a kick, but Maven ducks and Rico kicks Palumbo! Snow hits a spinebuster on Gunn. Maven climbs to the top, and hits a missile drop kick on Gunn for a near fall. Rico enters the ring, but Al Snot chases Rico out of the ring. Palumbo hits a super Kick on Maven for the win.

Winners: Billy & Chuck at 6:39. Formula tag match that was just there. No point to it other than to have a tag match on the card. Basic, short, and sweet. (*)

Triple H/Hulk Hogan video airs.

Undisputed Championship Match
Triple H© vs. Hulk Hogan

HHH and Hogan have a test of strength to start out the match, which HHH wins. After some mat wrestling, Triple H punches Hogan in the corner. Hogan fights back with a back body drop and a couple of clotheslines. They go to the outside, where Hogan suplexes HHH onto the outside. Back in the ring, Triple H works on Hogan’s leg. HHH locks in a leg lock on Hogan, while the crowd chants for Hogan. Hogan escapes it, but Triple H starts pounding on Hogan with rights. HHH then locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock. HHH uses the ropes for leverage. Hogan turns the hold over, but the hold is broken quickly. HHH then locks Hogan in a sleeper hold. Hogan gets out of it by hitting a back suplex on HHH. They both regroup and Hogan hulks up on HHH, hitting a Big Boot. Hogan then hits the Keg Drop on HHH, but Chris Jericho runs down to ringside with a chair. Jericho pulls the ref out of the ring to interrupt the pin fall. Jericho punches the ref on the outside. Hogan is about to go outside to get Jericho, but Jericho hits Hogan with the chair! Jericho rolls the ref into the ring, trying to revive the ref. HHH regroups, and grabs Jericho. HHH hits a face buster on Jericho, and then clotheslines Y2J to the outside. Hogan is back up, and Hulks up on HHH again. Hogan hits the Big Boot on HHH, and goes for the Leg Drop again, but HHH moves! Triple H kicks Hogan in the gut, and hits the Pedigree on Hogan. The ref counts, but The Undertaker comes to ringside and punches the ref. Taker enters the ring, grabs the chair, and hits Hogan on the head with the chair. Taker pulls Hogan on to HHH for the pin, but Hogan punches Taker, and clotheslines him to the outside. Hogan then hits the Leg Drop on Triple HHH for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Hulk Hogan at 22:03. Pretty good for a Hogan match. The best part was the ending. Everything happened so quickly in the end, making it a more surprising win. The crowd was really into this match as well. Really good way to close out the show with a new champion. The interferences continued and started some new feuds. All these things bump up the rating a star. (**)

Show Rating: Based on my star ratings, the show is **. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. But if you find a used DVD, or VHS, check it out. The opening match, Edge/Angle, RVD/Guerrero, and Hogan winning the title for one last time are really special, and this ppv is more of a **1/2. I didn't like how more than half of the matches had a chair or another weapon involved. And how all the heels won the first 8 matches.


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