Report: New York Council Orders Madison Square Garden to Move

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 25, 2013


Huge news coming from the Big Apple, as it appears the most storied sports building in New York City is being forced to change locations.

According to Charles V. Bagli of the New York Times:

By a vote of 47 to 1, the Council voted to extend the Garden’s special operating permit for merely a decade — not in perpetuity, as the owners of the Garden had requested, or 15 years, as the Bloomberg administration had intended.

Ten years should be enough time, officials said, for the Garden to find a new location and for the city to devise plans for an expanded Pennsylvania Station, which currently sits below the Garden, and the redevelopment of the surrounding neighborhood.

The reason behind the vote is so the city can build a more modernized transit building for Penn Station, which is currently located under Madison Square Garden. The building has been undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation that is expected to finish up in the fall, so this news couldn't have come at a worse time for controlling owner James Dolan.

This is a bold move by the city, as MSG has housed some of the biggest sports moments in history. Not to mention it is still an extremely viable source of revenue for the city. Outside of being the home of the New York Rangers and Knicks, the building is still considered a go-to spot for concerts and other sporting events—including WWE wrestling.

In case you were unaware, MSG and the WWE have an illustrious past, as the building has hosted multiple WrestleManias, and roughly a dozen WWE title changes have happened in that very spot.

Sadly, this is truly the end of an era, as MSG has been in that very location since 1968. Fortunately, the WWE has 10 years to help plan a fitting farewell for the building and will hopefully toss MSG a bone by letting it host one of the Big Four pay-per-view’s in 2023.

In the end, we will have to wait and see how this plays out and hope both the WWE and MSG officials can find a way to make a memorable event there before Madison Square Garden officially closes its doors.