Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Gunners Shouldn't Cave on Luis Suarez Price

Justin OnslowContributor IIJuly 25, 2013

Arsene Wenger
Arsene WengerRobertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

Arsenal finally got their feet wet with a massive offer for Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, and not surprisingly, the Reds shot it down almost immediately.

According to John Cross of the Daily Mirror, Arsenal’s bid of £40,000,001 triggered a clause in Suarez’s contract that forced Liverpool to inform him of the Gunners’ offer—but that doesn’t mean Liverpool have any intentions of selling at that price:

Liverpool admitted for the first time they will sell Luis Suarez, after the player told them he wants to talk to Arsenal.

However, Anfield boss Brendan Rodgers has put a £50million price on the head of his Uruguay striker.

The £10 million gap that currently separates the two clubs is far too much to believe a deal could happen in immediate fashion, but if Suarez does want out—as he has suggested in the past—there’s no reason for Arsenal to worry.

The Gunners have all the leverage in this situation, and they gained it by making a smart move to trigger Suarez’s contract clause. With the opportunity to speak to the embattled striker, Arsene Wenger was able to make a pitch to Suarez that was obviously enough to grab his attention.

Per Cross, that pitch included an offer for a five-year contract worth £150,000 per week.

With the 26-year-old reportedly on board with making a switch, the only thing left for Arsenal to agree upon is the price it will take to change Liverpool’s mind. That price will be largely contingent on how hard the Uruguayan pushes to make an exit from Anfield.

Wenger has been chastised for his unwillingness to spend this summer, despite a £70 million purse with which to work. As a result, supporters have grown impatient with the Emirates boss as he came up short in the bidding for Gonzalo Higuain and has yet to close the door on a deal for Suarez.

But that pressure shouldn’t make Wenger any more willing to come up on his £40 million bid for Suarez. Unless another suitor emerges—and that seems unlikely given Liverpool’s demands—Arsenal are the only club in favorable position to complete the coup.

Real Madrid were also rumoured to be in on the pursuit of Suarez, but their initial bid of £25 million, as reported by Cross, suggests Los Blancos aren’t on the same page as Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool. At this point, it’s Arsenal or nothing.

Liverpool have to know that, and while losing Suarez can’t appeal to the Reds, they also can’t afford to let the situation drag on into the late summer months. The longer Suarez remains at Anfield, the greater the strain he will put on the club as it prepares for next Premier League term.

So for Arsenal, the solution is simple. The Gunners have no reason to give into Liverpool’s demands.

In the interest of keeping the situation from dragging on, Wenger may be tempted to up his offer by a small margin (as noted by Cross), but an increased effort from Arsenal shouldn’t come close to what Liverpool are demanding. There’s simply no reason to give in.

Suarez would be a major addition for a club poised to make a run at the Premier League title next term, but Arsenal shouldn’t hit the panic button. As unpopular a strategy as it is, patience may be the right approach in this situation.