Sainsbury's Anniversary Games 2013: Previewing Annual Track and Field Meeting

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Sainsbury's Anniversary Games 2013: Previewing Annual Track and Field Meeting
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As the IAAF Diamond League continues its 2013 series of events, the next competition will be the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, England.

With only four stages remaining, the competition will undoubtedly be heating up in England, and the top stars in track and field will be looking to shine on the brightest segment of this year’s competition.

Whether you love track and field or you are just a casual fan, the excitement surrounding the 2013 edition of the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games should have every sports enthusiast exciting about the Olympic-style competition.

Where: The Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, England

When: July 26th, 27th and 28th

Watch: BBC in England (Not televised in United States)

Live Stream: BBC One LIVE (paid service)

All stats and information via Diamond League London.

Biggest Stars to Watch

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Men’s Star to Watch: Usain Bolt

The biggest star in track and field today is Jamaican sensation Usain Bolt. With the six-time Olympian taking part in the 100 meters on Friday evening and in the 4 x 100 meters relay on Saturday, the chance to see Bolt shine will be something fans won’t want to miss.

This event will mark the first time Bolt has returned to the London IAAF Diamond League meeting since 2009, and the first time the star has returned to the arena where he dominated in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

With plenty of focus from the hardcore to casual fans in attendance and watching at home, there is little doubt that Bolt will be the biggest name to watch during this year’s Sainsbury's Anniversary Games.

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Women’s Star to Watch: Sally Pearson

While Bolt will steal all the headlines this week, the focus for many will be on Australian star Sally Pearson as she defends her reigning hurdles championship. She won the gold in 100 meters hurdles during the 2011 World Championships and the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Pearson may be the best in the world in the hurdles, but she will face the toughest field of the entire competition, including former world champions and Olympians Danielle Carruthers, Kellie Wells and Jessica Ennis-Hill.

American fans will have a focus on Olympic star Carmelita Jeter throughout her events, but the rest of the world will be examining Pearson’s run and if she is losing a step as her elite competition only gets better each year.

Full Schedule for Sainsbury's Anniversary Games

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Friday, July 26th and Saturday, July 27th

Date Time (GMT) Time (ET) Discipline (Male/Female)
Friday 18:55 13:55 Pole Vault F
Friday 19:00 14:00 Discus M
Friday 19:52 14:52 100m B M
Friday 20:04 15:04 400m Hurdles F
Friday 20:09 15:09 High Jump M
Friday 20:15 15:15 3000m F
Friday 20:31 15:31 Triple Jump F
Friday 20:36 15:36 1500m F
Friday 20:46 15:46 200m M
Friday 20:56 15:56 800m F
Friday 21:08 16:08 4 x 100m Relay F
Friday 21:21 16:21 400m M
Friday 21:33 16:33 800m M
Friday 21:48 16:48 100m A M
Saturday 14:00 9:00 Long Jump M
Saturday 14:11 9:11 100m Hurdles F
Saturday 14:17 9:17 Pole Vault M
Saturday 14:22 9:22 110m Hurdles M
Saturday 14:33 9:33 110m Hurdles M
Saturday 14:40 9:40 Shot Put F
Saturday 14:44 9:44 100m F
Saturday 14:54 9:54 100m F
Saturday 15:05 10:05 400m Hurdles M
Saturday 15:16 10:16 Emsley Carr Mile M
Saturday 15:27 10:27 200m F
Saturday 15:31 10:31 Javelin F
Saturday 15:37 10:37 3000m Steeplechase M
Saturday 15:50 10:50 Long Jump F
Saturday 15:55 10:55 400m F
Saturday 16:07 11:07 110m Hurdles M
Saturday 16:20 11:20 100m F
Saturday 16:32 11:32 3000m M
Saturday 16:50 11:50 4 x 100m Relay M

 All times military. Tables and information via

Sunday, July 28th (Finals)

Time (GMT) Time (ET) Event No Discipline Gender Stage
14:45 9:45 1 F42/44 DISCUS M A
14:58 9:58 2 T54 200M M 1
15:04 10:04 3 F42-44 LONG JUMP W A
15:16 10:16 4 T33/34 100M W 1
15:28 10:28 5 T36 100M M 1
15:41 10:41 6 T46 100M M 1
15:45 10:45 7 F31/32/51 Club W A
15:53 10:53 8 T36/37 800M M 1
16:01 11:01 9 T37 100M W 1
16:07 11:07 10 F57/58 Javelin M A
16:12 11:12 11 T11 200M W 1
16:18 11:18 12 F42 SHOT PUT M A
16:23 11:23 13 T42 200M M 1
16:33 11:33 14 T35 100M W 1
16:42 11:42 15 T53 100M M 1
16:53 11:53 16 T12 100M W 1
17:01 12:01 17 T43/44 100M M 1
17:14 12:14 18 T54 MILE M 1

All times military. Tables and information via


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