WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for July 26

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IJuly 25, 2013

Since next week's Raw was oddly pre-taped on Tuesday night, the taping of SmackDown was moved to Wednesday.

It feels a little weird knowing what is going to happen on next week's Raw before this week's SmackDown. Like eating tomorrow's breakfast before dinner, only different.

Still, after seeing the results for Friday night, knowing what happens next week doesn't come close to taking away from the anticipation. 

It's tough not to be intrigued when you've got appearances from both Money in the Bank winners, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, the Wyatt Family, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Mark Henry, Christian and more. 

Don't go any further if you don't want this week's SmackDown to be spoiled, but I'm guessing if you've made it this far, you aren't stopping now. 

So, let's take a look at what happened at Wednesday's taping from Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Note: Results courtesy of WrestlingInc.com 


Quick Results

Randy Orton and Damien Sandow both come to the ring with their briefcases. A match is booked.

Randy Orton defeats Damien Sandow, who is distracted by Cody Rhodes running away with his briefcase.

CM Punk cuts a promo, but Fandango interrupts. Punk hits him with a GTS.

Mark Henry and The Usos defeat Darren Young, Titus O'Neil and Wade Barrett.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam tells Vickie Guerrero and Alberto Del Rio he wants a title shot.

Damien Sandow is shown looking for his briefcase.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Rob Van Dam, who was distracted because he was arguing with the referee.

Damien Sandow runs into Mark Henry and Booker T backstage.

AJ Lee (with Big E Langston) mocks Dolph Ziggler. Kaitlyn comes out and attacks AJ, while Ziggler attacks Big E.

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper defeat Tensai and Brodus Clay. Afterwards, Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about Kane.

Christian defeats Jack Swagger.

Damien Sandow continues to look for his briefcase. Rhodes mocks him on the big screen.

CM Punk defeats Fandango.


Moment We're Looking Forward To: CM Punk vs. Fandango

Man, do I really have to choose? 

Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow should be a great match inside the ring, and the subsequent build towards a potential Sandow vs. Rhodes match for the briefcase only adds to the intrigue.

Alberto Del Rio against Rob Van Dam is another one that features two seriously talented in-ring performers. 

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper will make their match debut, while Bray Wyatt cutting a promo is always a good thing. 

Even Ziggler potentially teaming up with Kaitlyn to attack AJ Lee and Big E Langston is compelling.

Overall, this looks like a show you don't want to miss. 

But if I have to choose, I'm going with CM Punk vs. Fandango. 

Punk's talent is obvious. We know he is one of the best inside the ring, and whenever he shows up at SmackDown, it's an added bonus. 

Fandango is much more of a wild card. 

He has been on a losing streak since Money in the Bank and seems pretty directionless right now. Some people aren't a fan of his gimmick, but I assure you, he has talent inside the ring and has been more impressive as of late.

Exhibit A, from Money in the Bank:

Exhibit B, from this week's Raw:

Flash forward to the 1:34 mark. I'm not sure if it was Fandango in the wrong spot or Rhodes coming up short, but Fandango pretty much saved Rhodes' life on that moonsault. 

That earned him plenty of respect in my book. 

His match with The Best in the World figures to be really enjoyable from a wrestling perspective, and the fact that it's the main event only strengthens that claim. 



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