Can C M Punk Cash in his Briefcase at Judgement Day?

chipper smithCorrespondent IJune 14, 2016

For two weeks in a row, C M Punk has beaten the heavyweight champion, Edge. Last week, Punk pinned him and then tried to cash in his briefcase, but the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, interfered so he couldn't get the second pin.

This week on Smackdown, Punk and Edge butted heads again in a non title matchup. Edge left the mat and was counted out. Once again, Punk was cheated out of cashing in his briefcase, and Umaga ambushed Punk.

Punk issued a challenge to Umaga; the match will take place at Judgement Day. 

Punk is going to keep his eye on Edge and Jeff Hardy as they have a championship match, as well. This could be his chance to cash in his briefcase by pinning Edge or Jeff Hardy. 

If Edge and Jeff Hardy have their match first, Punk can cash in his briefcase and fight the winner to earn the belt. Also, if that happens, then Umaga could get the belt during his match with Punk.

That would be very unexpected. But, in the WWE you must expect the unexpected.

Punk may go after Orton's belt, no matter who wins that match (Orton or Batista). It all depends on who Punk has a better chance of beating and whose match comes first.

This is going to be an interesting pay-per-view event. The belts are up for grabs. May the smartest and best man win.