Big Ten Media Days: Day 2 Interview Highlights, Quotes and Takeaways

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJuly 25, 2013

Day 2 of Big Ten media days should be more interesting than Day 1, with players such as Ohio State's Braxton Miller and Michigan's Devin Gardner available for round-table interviews. If that wasn't enough, coaches Urban Meyer, Brady Hoke and Pat Fitzgerald are scheduled to address the media.

This is a chance to hear from some of the top players in the conference and get their take on how the upcoming season is going to unfold. 

If you found Wednesday's media day intriguing, you're in for a treat today.

Targeting Rule

The targeting rule was a topic touched on once again during Big Ten Media Days. Apparently this was an issue last season as well and would have resulted in plenty of ejections if the rule was in place, according to Tom Dienhart of the Big Ten Network:

Player safety is important to everybody, but it seems like the ejection part of the rule is what bugs a lot of people. That's why Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald came up with an interesting idea that the conference should consider, per Jeffery Fowler of CBS Sports:

If it works, it works.

Budzien is Your New Favorite Kicker

Northwestern kicker Jeff Budzien was not invited to Big Ten media days, but that didn't stop him from showing up anyway. The Lou Groza Award candidate decided to grab a microphone and put on a show, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN:

Don't lie, he is now your new favorite special teams player.

Do You Know Where Northwestern Is?

Having so many games scheduled on the Big Ten Network has helped the conference grow tremendously. Another thing it does is bring awareness to Northwestern, as Fitzgerald told Brett McMurphy of ESPN:

Hopefully this was never the case, but still...

Party On, Coach!

Last season, Northwestern won its first bowl matchup since 1949. It was a great moment for the program, and coach Fitzgerald wasn't going to act all nonchalant about it, per Dan Wolken of USA Today:

Why isn't there video of this?

Taylor Lewan Highlights

The Michigan offensive tackle was sure to get a question about South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Lewan addressed the media and gave the politically correct answer, according to Nick Baumgardner of Mlive.

"That was a great hit, he won an ESPY for it," Lewan said. "He played a good game, I played a good game, it was two people with mutual respect for each other in a 12-round fight. That's all it was."

Too bad there isn't a rematch to look forward to.

As media day dragged along, Lewan continued to pay respect to Clowney, but he wouldn't go overboard with it:

Lewan also commented on his Michigan career and considers it a failure up to this point, according to Nick Baumgardner:

I guess being a top NFL draft prospect, a leader for Michigan and a two-time first-team All-Big Ten selection isn't good enough.

Just in case you are wondering how Lewan showed up to media days, Adam Kramer of Bleacher Report has you covered:

He's a big dude.

Speaking of size, Lewan has an incredible diet that isn't for an ordinary college student. He can eat with the best of them, according to Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press:

“I eat 12 eggs a day, 12 tablespoons of olive oil a day, six cans of tuna; I only eat carbs right after my workout or not at all,” Lewan said Wednesday at the Big Ten media days at the Hilton Chicago. “I’m way more energetic. I can run for a lot longer. I can lift a lot more weight. I’m way stronger than I was during the season.”

At Buffalo Wild Wings, he’ll order “a salad and five chicken breasts,” explaining to the server it’s not a prank.

It looks like the Michigan offensive lineman could be the newest contestant on Man v. Food.

Devin Gardner Isn't Impressed

Don't ask Gardner about the Clowney hit, because he will call it overrated. Just check out his reaction during media days, per Matt Hayes of the Sporting News:

You be the judge.

Update on Chris Bryant

The Michigan offensive lineman, who suffered a season-ending injury last year, is doing better but still has some work to do, according to Kyle Meinke of Mlive:

As for the rest of the offensive line, head coach Brady Hoke has an idea how the offensive line would look if the season started today, per Michael Rothstein of ESPN:

If Hoke Wasn't Coaching...

The Michigan head coach has big dreams. He has emerged as one of the top head coaches in the country and is leading one of the most prestigious programs in the nation. If he wasn't coaching? He would have shot for arguably an even bigger job, according to Kyle Rowland of Eleven Warriors:

Hoke Speaks on Ohio State-Michigan

It's no secret that Ohio State is the overwhelming favorite to win the Big Ten. But a lot of the media predicted that Michigan and Ohio State will square off for the Big Ten title, which would mean the rivals would play each other two times in one season.

Hoke likes that idea, per Dan Wolken of USA Today:

Ohio State Arrest Updates

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer told the media yesterday that he had no update on his running back Carlos Hyde. Nothing has changed since then.

 As for cornerback Bradley Roby, Meyer expects there will be some type of suspension.

Ohio State opens the season against Buffalo.

Braxton Miller not a Heisman Candidate?

Meyer apparently predicted the future with Tim Tebow at Florida, but he doesn't think his current quarterback is on the same level quite yet:

That's strange considering Miller is widely considered one of the front-runners to win the award.

As for Miller himself, he will have added motivation when his team plays Michigan on Nov. 30.

Nobody ever wants to lose on their birthday.

Speaking of that game, Miller and Ohio State haven't forgotten what Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner said about this year's rivalry.

You can read more on the guarantee by clicking here.

Brandon Taylor is No Longer on Team

Veteran defensive tackle Brandon Taylor has left Purdue due to an academic situation, per Gold and Black:

Taylor was entering his senior season and finished last year with 11 tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss.

Shots Fired at Georgia

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez isn't impressed with the Georgia defense. Well, at least that's what his comments indicated during media days, per Patrick Woo of SiriusXM College Sports Nation:

Last season, Nebraska beat Michigan State 28-24 but lost to Georgia 45-31 in the Capital One Bowl.

Bo Pelini has Lost his Marbles

The Nebraska head coach also decided to diss the SEC by reminding the media that the entire conference isn't just one team:

Uh, OK then.

Pelini also continued to comment on the targeting rule, and his opinion has not changed since yesterday:

Nebraska's coach was very upset Wednesday when asked about the new rule that was implemented this season.

New Helmets!

Believe it or not, Indiana showed up to Big Ten media days and decided to display some sweet looking helmets, per Brent Yarina of the Big Ten Network.

The helmets were released earlier this offseason, but they were obviously too cool to leave at home. These are certainly going to pop when the Hoosiers take the field this season.

Check back later, this article will be updated with highlights throughout Day 2 of Big Ten media days.


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