Madden 25: Examining the Possibilities of Madden Share Feature

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 24, 2013

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There have been a good number of enhancements already announced for Madden 25, but none is more exciting than the Madden Share feature. Unless you're a hardcore fan, you may be saying: "What is Madden share?"

Many gamers simply tune out the hype about any non-gameplay improvement.

That's unfortunate because many of the features indirectly enhance the bottom line, which is the action on the virtual field.

Madden Share is designed to be one of those types of features. In a nutshell, Madden Share allows gamers to create and share their own created players, rosters, playbooks, settings and sliders. This isn't a totally new concept, as other games have allowed gamers to share user-created content with the community.

The NCAA series has long allowed gamers to share edited rosters through a roster share option and teams with the Team Builder app. FIFA has a similar functionality as well.

The NBA 2K series allows gamers to share their creations of just about any sort, as does the WWE series, and even the MLB the Show series offered a similar feature with Sports Connect.

This is Madden's first major jump into allowing the community to share its own creations and settings. Quite honestly, no franchise is better suited to benefit from this type of feature. Consider the following very real possibilities created by the Madden Share feature.


All-Time Rosters

In past Maddens, I've actually gone through the rosters and made the trades and created the players necessary to assemble all-time teams for each NFL franchise. It was a long project, but I transformed it into a YouTube series that garnered a decent amount of attention.

It was a blast to play with a Chicago Bears team that featured a linebacking corps of Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary and Brian Urlacher. That true Monsters of the Midway defense was taking on a Minnesota Vikings team that had Fran Tarkenton, Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss and Cris Carter.

The amazing matchups were almost endless. I dumped all those teams into a franchise mode and was able to simulate a season that crowned the all-time best franchise—at least in my house. That's just one idea; there are other types of rosters gamers can create as well.

With all of the editing gamers can do to rosters, players, equipment, etc., the task should be even easier this year. Now, with the Madden Share feature, I can make my work available to the masses.

While most gamers wouldn't take on the insane task of recreating a new league so to speak, a good number of gamers wouldn't mind taking five seconds to download and enjoy it.


Custom Playbooks

Ever play online against someone who you thought had the perfect collection of plays for his or her team or style?

Nine times out of 10, if you ask them for their playbook they'll say no. However, with the Madden Share feature the creator of the custom playbook can attain a bit of glory, so they may be more apt to give the information to download the playbook that baffled you during that online game.

There are expert gamers who have attained a measure of fame for their virtual football prowess, and believe me, it starts with the playbooks.

You won't become an expert simply because you used a Madden master's playbook, but it could be your first step toward carving your own identity on the sticks.


Custom Settings and Sliders

YouTube plays such a huge role in the exposure for video games. It is often the first stop for gamers who are looking to see how well a game plays, learn new strategies, or just to see something cool happen in others' gaming experiences.

Every experience is unique. Some gamers covet a pure simulation style while others want wide-open gameplay. If you're watching someone play Madden 25 on YouTube or even in person, it is easy to recognize the flow of the game.

There are times members of the YouTube community will ask: "What are your settings?" or, "What are your sliders?" Generally, there is a desire to emulate or use a settings base that is opposite the one they're seeing.

With Madden Share, these settings and sliders are easy to share and could ultimately create a more uniform style during online games. Opening up more of the game's capabilities to the community is never a bad thing.

That is essentially what Madden Share does.


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