Is This "Favre" from Over? Will Brett Favre Be a Minnesota Viking?

Michael ZappContributor IMay 9, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - DECEMBER 28:   Adrian Peterson #28 of the Minnesota Vikings carries the ball in for a touchdown in the second quarter against the New York Giants on December 28, 2008 at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

OK, Minnesota Vikings fans, you are getting what we have wanted all along.

NFC North favorites? Check.

Top-notch defensive unit? Check.

Play-makers and pro-bowlers on the offensive side of the ball? Um, yeah, that's a check.

What else can us Vikings fans hope for? Oh, yeah, I remember now. It is the same thing we have been asking for since Head Coach Brad Childress took over, a serviceable QB under the age of 60. OK, so we are working on that one.

What else have we been screaming for the past season of football Sundays? Wait, don't tell me, I will remember. Oh that's right. We want Childress to do something that will finally cost him his job.

We seem to be headed in that direction. Childress and Bevell still are not able to open the playbook completely this season. Jackson hasn't proven that he deserves the chance to be the starter. 

Sage is a nine-year veteran whom is still looking for his first real chance to be a starter in the NFL. The Vikings appear to be flirting with the greatest QB whom doesn't know when it is time to retire.

The breakdown is of the whole situation is fairly easy to dissect. Childress wants to do something to score some points with the Viking-faithful. Favre wants a chance at personal revenge against Ted Thompson and the Packers

Reality is that although these two situations seem on the surface to be able to kill two birds with one stone, they will actually do more harm than good.

Don't worry Chilly, I will explain.

You're demeanor is straightforward. You saddled yourself to Jackson and have spent three years "grooming" the QB you had to have. Unfortunately he hasn't "progressed" as you would have hoped. No harm in that. Here is where the rub lies. 

You tried to trade for Sage last year and thought the price was too high. You got him this year for a much lower offer. What does that say? LACK OF CONFIDENCE.

When the trade happened, you claimed that it would promote competition, let the best man win. Issue: you have committed to Jackson and I doubt that you can provide a fair competition for any other QB's you have on the roster.

Ever heard the expression... "Give a person enough rope...?" You claim that you want accountability and solid character in your locker room.  I give you the utmost respect for turning around a franchise that had started to run astray (see the Love Boat incident). 

Now you are claiming that you have done your research prior to drafting Percy Harvin.  You are considering bringing in a QB that wants to put himself above the rest of the team and not participate in team functions.

You let a proven leader in the locker room and anchor on the offensive line leave almost with no effort to bring him back (Birk).

Favre will call you after the last "OTA" will be completed and ask if he can join the team. His motivation has nothing to do with you, the team or his relationship with Bevell. He wants to take two shots at Green Bay, just to appease his own ego. 

What are his options? Chicago (Cutler)? Detroit (Stafford)? Favre is going to play you like a rookie safety trying to cheat towards the line. And you are letting him do it.

The media will continue to report that Favre has two ears and two hands. They may even get to the point that a flight has landed from a different planet bringing him replacement bicep and shoulder parts. Let them spin whatever they will.

Face the facts, your offense has gone from "a west-coast version" to an outright run first philosophy. And why not? You still have the best running back in the league (Peterson), a solid line that can move people out of the way, respectable receivers with Berrian and company. You don't need a QB that will help sell tickets. 

You need a player to be serviceable. Jackson needs to understand that if he does't get his act together, he will be the third-string QB or out of the league. Sage is moving in and Jackson is replaceable.

Favre will only complicate things severely. Personal vendetta's are nothing to hook a team to. Favre could help teach the next generation of QB's you have but he is too selfish to do so. Let him be retired and stay that way. 

Us Viking Faithful will support our team regardless of what happens. That includes who is the QB and who is the coach. Many of us have grown up watching Favre places daggers in our backs in the field. 

He was a tremendous QB and "real" football player. A 40-year old at the beginning of the season is no longer the shinning knight you envision.

We want to watch football. A return to the "black and blue" division of old. We have the line, the running back, and the defense to slug it out with anybody. Diva's and crybabies are not equipped to play in this manor. 

You want to help get a new stadium in the state?  Provide a team that everyone can be excited about for years to come. That begins with the accountability that you have helped to install already. The team-first mentality has been great to see and watch it come to fruition. Success is destined to follow that lead. 

Try not to take too much rope.