Raven's Flock and the Best Comparisons to The Wyatt Family

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJuly 25, 2013


The fans of the WWE Universe are still trying to get over the shock of The Wyatt Family and the carnage they have caused since finally making their appearance a few short weeks ago.

The satanic-type verse of Bray Wyatt, the chilling promos the trio give and the feeling that this is just the beginning of a long stay up north for three men have done nothing but scare us out of our boots.

It’s perfect for the era we are experiencing in the WWE and for a man like Vince McMahonhe must be seeing dollar signs.

The promos, the evil grin, the bearded men who look like they should be in the movie Deliverance, it all works.

I cannot help but think this is a trio of stars that could have been a force in the old NWA or the AWA, lurking in the backwoods of some moonshine distillery or in some fishing shack up in Minnesota waiting to stalk its prey. There are so many great features to this new stable, I cannot help but think whoever truly came up with this concept was an evil genius.

I would swear if this was an '80s rendition of Superstars, Kevin Sullivan or Eric Embry or even the fertile mind of Dusty Rhodes might be involved in the story being told.

The group who might be closely associated to The Wyatts the most is Scott Levy’s character, “Raven,” and his “Nest” of followers in WCW, TNA and ECW. The off-the-wall wrestler who recited cult verses and had a band of oddball wrestlers following him (Saturn, Kidman and Stevie Richards to name a few). Raven was as talented a wrestler as they came, learning his craft in Jerry Lawler’s promotion before moving on to Florida Championship Wrestling and then WCW before becoming an NWA world champion in TNA and a fixture in ECW.

His bouts and feuds with Sandman were legendary.

But if not for the grunge-like, piercings and Gothic-like appearance, Raven would never have been able to command such a following in the ring and with the fans.

Raven is just one of the influences I see in The Wyatts. While they are not as dynamic in appearance as The Shield, their ability to captivate the fans in the arena is just as great, mainly because fans, especially children, do not know what to think about them yet.

Wrestlers like The Boogeyman, Isaac Yankem, Papa Shango and others have all left a lasting impression on the WWE and professional wrestling universe.

Here are some factions and wrestlers who could have also contributed to the formation of such a ghoulish group.


Kevin Sullivan

I have spoken about this before as Sullivan was the first person I thought of when I saw Bray Wyatt’s first promo. Sullivan was freaky, scary, cult-like and had a following of character like Oliver Humperdink, Jake Roberts, Humongous and The Purple Haze.


James Mitchell

The Sinister Minister was one of the best of all time in terms of the “evil” manager in wrestling.

He is best known for his work in TNA and ECW, but he also has spent time in WCW with Wrath and Mortis. Mitchell, with the eyebrows that pointed up as if to say he was a reincarnated faction of the devil, is best known for his work with Abyss.


Gary Hart

As the manager of The Great Kabuki, Kendo Nagasaki and The Great Muta, Hart had a way of controlling his clients with a calm that few managers had. When Hart talked, we all listened. While he was dressed very proper, you could tell there was an evil in him waiting to get out.


The Brood

Edge, Christian and Gangrel. They entered the ring amongst dry ice and blood coming from their fangs. While Gangrel was short on a future in the WWF, Edge and Christian were as successful as any tag team ever in the company.

As a threesome, they left fans standing in their shoes wondering what just happened or what was going to happen next?

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