Christian Is the Perfect Challenger for Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 24, 2013

(Photo: WWE)
(Photo: WWE)

John Cena already chose his challenger for SummerSlam while Alberto Del Rio waits for word on who he will face.

Christian is the ideal man to take on Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. He will deliver a match sure to entertain and is the best available option on a roster flush with rivals.

WWE would be wise to jump on Christian's momentum since his return. Captain Charisma has defeated Wade Barrett, Fandango and Titus O'Neil in recent weeks. He's just a victory over a major star away from leaping back into the world title chase.

Blast "Just Close Your Eyes" on an upcoming Raw or SmackDown and let this rivalry get started. Judging by the results of the last SummerSlam bout Christian was a part of, this year's event could reek of awesomeness as well.


One More Match

The last time Del Rio and Christian battled for the world title resulted in a masterwork.

Extreme Rules 2011 played host to an intense and emotional bout where Christian outlasted Del Rio. That ladder match would be hard to duplicate, but it'd be fun for them to try.

Two superstars with great in-ring smoothness and a knack for aggression made for an ideal pairing.

With two years to cleanse our collective palates, there would be plenty of excitement in seeing them go at it again. Christian would approach the match with great confidence knowing he won their last world title fight and Del Rio would have extra motivation to defeat him.

Aside from his work against CM Punk, Del Rio's best work has been that ladder match with Christian. There's a danger in overdoing a good thing, but this is certainly a case where "one more match" is an excellent idea.


Best Available

Christian is the hero who makes the most sense to go after the villainous Del Rio right now.

The WWE Championship match is a face versus face battle, but WWE less frequently goes in the opposite direction and pits two heels against each other. Expect Del Rio's challenger to be a fan favorite then.

Dolph Ziggler appears to be set to collide with Big E. Langston. Chris Jericho is on tour. Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry and CM Punk are all mired in rivalries. The returning Rob Van Dam would be an intriguing option, but if he's only going to be around temporarily, it seems unlikely that he'd win the belt.

That doesn't leave a plethora of all-stars to choose from. Christian isn't just a candidate in a sparse field though; he's a superstar who needs little build up on his way to SummerSlam.

He has the pedigree and main-event caliber skills to thrive against Del Rio. Having won the world title twice before, he presents a legitimate threat to the champion.

Throw in the fact that him winning at SummerSlam would open the door for a potential Damien Sandow Money in the Bank cash-in and WWE has a compelling world title matchup at the ready.

This time there will be no emotional high from Edge's retirement. It will simply be a showcase of two great performers fighting for championship glory in the bright SummerSlam spotlight.