Arsenal: Would Luis Suarez Transfer Mend Arsene Wenger's Past Failures?

Eric Guy@whoisericguyCorrespondent IIIJuly 26, 2013

Would bringing in Luis Suarez for Liverpool's asking price be a good move by Arsene Wenger?
Would bringing in Luis Suarez for Liverpool's asking price be a good move by Arsene Wenger?Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has his mind set on doing whatever it takes to bring Liverpool star Luis Suarez to the club. 

While Suarez would be a major addition to Arsenal if a deal were to take place, bringing in the Uruguayan striker would not be enough to compensate for Wenger's past transfer failures.

Whether one wants to admit it or not, the transfers that have taken place at Emirates in recent years have had rather disappointing results.

Recall Wenger's dealings during the summer of 2011, when Cesc Fabregas departed for Barcelona and Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy sprinted across town to one of the club's most hated rivals in Manchester City.

Notable 2011 TransfersAgeFee
Cesc Fabregas24£30,000,000
Samir Nasri24£24,000,000
Gael Clichy27£7,000,000


Yes, all three players pretty much forced Arsenal into selling them. However, Arsenal took in over £61 million from the sales, and the best Wenger and Co. could come up with—excluding Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mikel Arteta—were a couple of rentals.

Gervinho—who was brought in for a fee of £10.5 million back in 2011—scored only nine Premier League goals in two seasons for the Gunners and shot on target only 36 percent of the time during the 2012-13 campaign. Likewise, he is reportedly on the verge of joining Serie A club Roma, according to the Daily Star

Andre Santos—for whom Arsenal paid £6.8 million during the chaotic 2011 summer transfer window—recently left on a free transfer to Brazilian side Flamengo

Fast forward to the summer of 2012, when Robin Van Persie made the move to Manchester United. That move immediately put United in pole position to win the league before the season even started.  

No doubt, having a manager who is fiscally responsible is good. However, that does not justify the fact that Wenger let too much talent walk away in return for what has turned out to be very little. 

Although Suarez is one of the deadliest strikers in the game, acquiring one man is not enough to make up for the stars who left the club. Likewise, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has reportedly upped the striker's price tag to a gargantuan £50 million, according to the Daily Mirror.

Given the high level of production Suarez has put forth (38 goals in 77 EPL contests) with a bevy of inexperienced players around him at Liverpool, it's inevitable that the Uruguay international would be even deadlier in front of goal if he were to make the jump in class by joining Arsenal.

Now, although the Gunners are in pole position to land the striker, it seems as if Liverpool is raising the stakes every day. By way of Sky Sports, Rodgers recently expressed that Wenger and Co. need to up the bid:

If Arsenal want the player, then they have to produce the value for the player.

There was an offer a few weeks ago of £35 million and two weeks later it is now £40m and a pound - I don't think it is anywhere near the value of what he is worth.

But it is twofold, really. A player may want to go, but then somebody has to pay the value or worth of that player.

£40 million is way more than enough to begin with, but now we're talking about more?

Yes, Wenger has a £70 million purse to play with, but would it be wise to spend the majority of it on one player?

Arsenal could go out and get Valencia's Roberto Soldado and Ajax's Christian Eriksen, and the overall price combined would probably be less than what it would take for Rodgers to give up Suarez.

Think about it: Regardless of how great one may be, one player can not win a championship. And in the EPL, it definitely will take more than Suarez to contend with Chelsea, Manchester United and a Manchester City squad that has added a number of impact players this summer.

In addition, keep in mind that if Suarez really wants to leave, Rodgers will milk the situation for all it's worth so that the Reds will end up with more. Honestly, why wouldn't he? Liverpool has publicly addressed the club's financial woes in the past, and they've even recently sent 30-year-old goalkeeper Pepe Reina on loan to Napoli to lessen the financial strain. 

And if they can bait Wenger into making a bid of over £50 million for Suarez, you better believe Liverpool will jump on it in a heartbeat.

Possessing roughly £70 million to operate with, Wenger would be wise to steer clear of the Reds' asking price. Although the Gunners need a top-tier striker like Suarez, using 70 percent of the transfer budget on one player is simply ridiculous. 

Sure, in a lot of cases, in order to win big, you have to spend big. But £50 million?

For a team whose largest signing to date was £13 million, the aforementioned definitely would be a huge undertaking, even if it is for a world-class talent like Suarez.


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