The Wyatt Family Must Challenge Bigger Stars to Be Taken More Seriously

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The Wyatt Family Must Challenge Bigger Stars to Be Taken More Seriously
Bray Wyatt (from

The Wyatt family—consisting of cult-like leader Bray Wyatt and loyal followers Luke Harper and Erich Rowan—have certainly shaken up WWE programming in the last couple of months.

Video vignettes heralding the group’s grand arrival were played regularly on Raw.

Creepy, visually striking and dread-filled, these trailers remain some of the best work WWE’s production crew has ever churned out. The clips were, dare I say it, rather artistic, like something better suited to an alternative rock music video than Monday Night Raw.

Anyone not familiar with Bray Wyatt’s work on NXT—which sadly is probably most people—must have been taken aback greatly by the charismatic, and very scary, talker shown in these clips. He really is something special as a talent.

So, thanks to a superbly crafted marketing campaign, the Wyatt family debuted two weeks ago on Raw to much more fanfare than many developmental stars are given.

The trio’s first move was to attack Kane because, well, no one is really sure why.  Maybe it was just to make a terrifying first impression.

They’ve continued the brutal assaults ever since. R-Truth was the unfortunate victim on Raw last week with poor Justin Gabriel falling prey to the trio on Main Event two days later.  

This is all perfectly fine booking, but just where is it going? The Wyatt family have been promoted as a big-time main-event act—one of their promos even closed out Raw once—so why are they wasting time in the midcard with the likes of Justin Gabriel?

If WWE really wants us to take the Wyatt clan seriously, shouldn’t they be scripting them to take out top names like John Cena or CM Punk?

That’s what The Shield did last year when they debuted—and they’re still over as top stars. Can you imagine if Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns had been booked this aimlessly upon their debut?

In all honestly, WWE seems unsure of the Wyatt family, which may explain the booking.

Oh, obviously the company recognizes their potential as shown by all the hype and promotion, but the trio aren’t really booked like you would think a top act would be. Maybe Vince McMahon and the rest of the management are still unsure about the group’s dark and unconventional gimmick?

The bulbous Bray Wyatt, for all his talent, doesn’t exactly have the look of the guys that the company has pushed before, either.

That his debut on Raw was greeted with loud and annoying chants of “Husky Harris”—his laughably bad former name—from the crowd in attendance probably didn’t help matters.

WWE clearly has something in Wyatt, Harper and Rowan. As one of the most compelling gimmicks to emerge in years, the trio can really go places. But the company will have to invest in them and give them meaningful things to do.

Randomly attacking guys like R-Truth and Gabriel—who the fans are largely indifferent about anyway—is going to get old quickly.

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