NFL Draft: Chad Henne and Brian Brohm Are Two 2nd Round Steals

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IApril 10, 2008

Forgotten Passers Can Become Franchise QBs

Matt Ryan of Boston College is the top rated QB in this year's NFL Draft. That is widely acknowledged. Ryan had a fine season as a senior and jettisoned past the competition to the top his class.  

But is he the best QB in this draft?

Not to take anything away from Ryan, but going into this season, my two top QBs were Brian Brohm of Louisville and Chad Henne of Michigan. I had John David Booty of USC  next and then Ryan.  

Booty will be an NFL player, probabaly a mid-round pick this year, but Brohm and Henne will be stars. Ryan will be taken before all three, which might end up being a mistake for the team that selects him.

Brohm was phenominal as a junior, remember? As a senior, the Cardinals had no defense and lost the Big East to West Virginia, putting Brohm on the back burner. Scouts are calling him a bigger Drew Brees.  Wasn't the knock on Brees was that he wasn't big enough? Well, here's that bigger version. 

Henne had an embattled career at Michigan, and a lot if it was his own doing.  He made too many bad decisions and played inconsistently when his team needed him to excel.  Don't let that fool you. 

His last game—the 41-35 Capital One Bowl victory against Tim Tebow and Florida—was more likely the real Henne. He is being compared to another Michigan great, Tom Brady.

My prediction is both of these guys will fall into the second round.  Don't be surprised if Miami grabs one of them at 32 and St. Louis grabs the other at 33.  That is, if they are still around.