Best Feuds and Predictions for Big Show's Return to WWE

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 24, 2013

Best Feuds and Predictions for Big Show's Return to WWE

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    Big Show didn't return on Monday as advertised, but he should be back to his destructive ways in WWE soon.

    The company apparently delayed his return due to a bum knee, per (via Once he's medically cleared and back in the ring, what can we expect from the big man?

    With SummerSlam approaching quickly, WWE has to get a feud rolling if it wants Big Show to be a part of the big pay-per-view. Scanning through the roster reveals a number of old rivals for him to pursue.

    From a man whom he once battled for the ECW Championship to a former tag team partner, WWE has options in terms of intriguing stories to tell starring Big Show.

    Here are a number of projected feuds that could provide compelling entertainment at SummerSlam and beyond along with a few predictions of what we should expect from the World's Largest Athlete going forward.

Rob Van Dam

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    Since making his WWE return at Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam has impressed, regardless if he's facing Chris Jericho or Darren Young.

    He heads into SummerSlam without a match and without an adversary. WWE can go in a number of directions with Mr. Monday Night, and facing Big Show would one of the most interesting among them.

    Their contrast in size and the classic battle of power versus speed should make their battles fun to watch. Pitting two established stars like these guys together is a safe, dependable move as well.

    It's their history that could make their feud one of the best of the summer.

    Big Show defeated Van Dam for the ECW World Championship back in 2006 when Paul Heyman turned on the champ to align himself with the giant. Perhaps Van Dam has vengeance on his mind from that moment or perhaps Big Show sets out to prove that Van Dam doesn't belong in WWE anymore.


Big Show Will Stay Heel for the Time Being

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    Fans have come to expect Big Show to go from bad to good and back again in recent years. Look for him to stay a heel for the time being to provide balance on the WWE roster.

    The company's other giants are already faces, so it makes sense to even things out by keeping Big Show on the dark side. Mark Henry recently sided with The Usos in a battle against The Shield. Kane has been a fan favorite for some time now. Memories of Great Khali as a heel are distant.

    That leaves Big Show as the sole wicked giant.

    The video hyping his return puts him in a villainous light, as a monstrous man looking to hurt people. WWE's heroes need a monster to overcome and Brock Lesnar is too part-time to fully fulfill that role.

The Miz

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    The Miz needs this feud far more than Big Show does.

    Miz's current role for SummerSlam as host is an indication of WWE's uncertainty about how to use him. The company likes his charisma enough to have him keep hosting Miz TV segments and do this SummerSlam gig, but without a challenger to topple, he has little direction wrestling-wise.

    Facing Big Show gives him a challenging obstacle to overcome.

    For Big Show, Miz offers a man he can pound on in the ring and look dominant throughout even if Miz somehow gets a fluky win. Their past matches—apart from their slime-centered match at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards—have been engaging.

    Miz's savvy and speed plays well against Big Show's size and strength advantage. WWE would do well to have these two former Tag Team champs collide once again.



Randy Orton

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    There is an easy story to tell opposite the man who punted Big Show out of action at Extreme Rules, and it's a pairing that assures WWE of a good match.

    Randy Orton has long shown himself to be one of the most consistent performers in the company, most recently getting excellent matches out of Fandango and Alberto Del Rio.

    With Big Show and Orton's recent tension, including their fallout at WrestleMania 29, WWE can easily drum up believable hatred between these two men in a short time. Big Show can look to avenge his Extreme Rules loss and Orton can strive to keep his momentum going after winning the WWE title Money in the Bank contract.

Big Show Will Be Back in the World Title Picture Soon

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    Big Show is never gone from the top of the WWE mountain for long.

    In 2009, The World's Largest Athlete battled in an Elimination Chamber match and Fatal 4-Way bout for the WWE title. A year later, he took on three other men at the Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view for the World Heavyweight Championship, a title he won from Mark Henry in 2011 and then Sheamus in 2012.

    For the next few years, expect him to never be too far removed from another World title shot.

    He offers WWE a dependable, established main event star. Should Daniel Bryan rip the WWE title from John Cena's grip at SummerSlam, count on Big Show coming after him before too long. Should a face take the World title from Alberto Del Rio, it will be Big Show soon pounding on the door to championship opportunity.