MLB's Biggest Underachievers This Season

Zachary D. RymerMLB Lead WriterJuly 24, 2013

Things have a way of not working out the way they’re supposed to in baseball.

Sometimes this is a good thing, as both teams and players can be a lot better than expected. When that happens, much fun is had.

But then there are the other times, when either teams or players are not nearly as good as expected and not a lot of fun is had. It’s particularly baffling when it happens with really good players, as the really good ones can usually be counted on to be, well, really good.

The 2013 season is a particularly bad year for underachieving players. It feels that way, anyway. So much so, in fact, that B/R Pop Culture Lead Writer Gabe Zaldivar and I stopped to ponder this year’s most alarming underachievers in front of some cameras that happened to be conveniently set up nearby.

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